Trafalgar Square London Events 2014


There are always a good amount of events taking place at Trafalgar square London every year and 2014 is not different because this is one of the most historic places that entire United Kingdom has to offer. Hence, we decided to show you “Trafalgar square London events 2014”. This year around there are total of 6 events that are going to take place there. These events are all from just July 2014 to end of the year because there is no benefit in including events on our list that have already taken place. So here we go.


Trafalgar Square London Events 2014


Trafalgar Square London Events 2014

Trafalgar Square Event # 1 : BP Big Screen: The Royal Opera: La Boheme

Event Date: 15th July 2014

This is the most popular Opera show in the history of London and it is said that it has already been performed for more than 400 times and people still want to see it again and again and again because of its amazing story. But looks like the people who produce the show has decided that the time for this Opera has come to go.


This is definitely the last year for this famous Opera that has been done so many times in past years. It will be back in 2017 again but until then there are going to be no more shows after this one. This show will start at 7 a.m on 15th of July. The rumours have been spreading all around that the new version that they are planning to bring will not have any nearly as good impression as the current one has. Hence make sure to enjoy it this time around.

Trafalgar Square Event  # 2 : Big Dance 2014 – Beats For Peace

Event Dates: 12th to 13th July 2014

Basically a dance show but it is set to fire the stage this time and most people are expecting that it would become a top notch event that takes place at Trafalgar square London in all of year.

This event has open participation available and anyone with the skills can try to participate into it and if selected he will have the opportunity to show his talent to thousands of people. Do you think you can dance in such a way that you will end up impressing people and touching hearts? If yes then you should not lose this opportunity at any cost because it can make your career.

Beats For Peace

Trafalgar Square Event # 3 : Royal Opera House BP Big Screens 2014

Event Date: 17th September 2014

One the most exciting Trafalgar Square London Events 2014 and also one of the best in summer 2014. BP Big Screens 2014 is an an event that will take place in July where you will get to see La Boheme and also in September where it will bring Rigoletto to the people and that is the reason why people are so excited about it and waiting for it so eagerly. That event brings people together not only to have some good times but it also give them good entertainment as they simply sit around and see things being played on a big high definition screen.


Trafalgar Square Event # 4 : Eid Festival 2014

Event Date: 2nd August 2014

There is a big number of Muslims living in London and the whole United Kingdom. They are the strongest nation in the world when it comes to religion and one of their most important religious event is Ramadan and then Eid-ul-Fitar right after it. Eid celebrations and gatherings take place right here at this tower and Muslims from all of London gather here to greet each other and say thanks to Allah almighty for giving them another Eid.

We will have no one to argue when we say that this is the most emotional event among all Trafalgar Square London Events 2014. And there is no other event where people gather for any other reason than to get entertained. The best thing about Eid is that it brings all friends, relatives all other people close to each other.

People forget the bad thing that happened between them or are currently happening. They forget it all and they become one and start a new love relationship with everyone. Eid is also a place where everyone gets mercy for anything that they ask for.

Eid Festival

Trafalgar Square Event # 5 : Diwali Trafalgar Square 2014

Event Date: 26th October

Just like Muslims have Eid as their most important religious event, Hindus have Diwali that takes place every year. They celebrate it with great enthusiasm and that is an event that provides them more entertainment than anything else in entire year. At this event they love to drink huge amounts of beer and they throw colour at each other and spend the whole time dancing.


They believe that they are doing the right thing by doing all of these things and that is the reason why they are always so excited about it. A sweet thing about Diwali is that everyone comes out to enjoy together just like what happens at Eid and it is a great thing honestly that people forget their enmity and become one once again.

Trafalgar Square Event  # 6 : Trafalgar Square Tree Lighting Ceremony

Event Dates: 1st to 31st December 2014

Thousands of white lights continue to burst during the whole December in celebration of one year ending and other one just starting. People from entire London come here to see all of those beautiful lights on different days of month. It is just like the fireworks in United States of America on 4th July which is the birthday for their country.


The best thing about this event is that it is absolutely free for everyone and you don’t need any kind of tickets or something else like that in order to be able to enter to get entertained. You just go there and that is it. You get some real good pure entertainment by watching those sparkling lights.

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And these are “Trafalgar Square London Events 2014” and now that you know what is going to happen there in next 6 months, what do you plan to do? Which events do you think you will attend any why? We always love to hear your response.

If there is anything else you want to know about Trafalgar Square London Events 2014 kindly let us know by commenting below.

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