How To Track Your Driving Licence Application

UK Driving Licence Application online Status and information

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Driving licence is one of those essential things that everyone needs no matter in which country they are living.

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Today we are going to reveal how to “track your driving licence application in United Kingdom” because driving licence is of too much importance here and without it you are going to be in trouble within no time.

Therefore, if you are a wise man then you should never make the mistake of driving without driving licence and instead follow the legal way and apply for driving licence online.

How To Track Your Driving Licence Application


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This article is for those people who have already applied for United Kingdom driving licence using online method and now they want to know how to track your driving licence application UK.

If you have not applied for licence yet or you applied for it using post or some other method than this post won’t be much help for you. Make sure you apply online and then come back and follow this post.

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How To Track Your Driving Licence Application

Driving licences mostly don’t take longer than two weeks to arrive and in most cases you won’t need to track your driving licence application. But sometimes you need to do that. So just follow this post.

  1. Go to this page of United Kingdom government’s official website.
  2. One thing that we want to make clear is that this website will require you to provide Government Gateway user ID and password. And if you don’t have it yet you are not going to be able to track your driving licence application. Make sure you have it before you start the process.
  3. Once you are on that official website’s page you will see a green box saying “Start Now”. Click on that box to begin.
  4. Make sure you have cookies enabled in your web browser or this whole thing will not work at all and you will continue to land on notification page telling you to enable cookies.
  5. Once all cleared, start filling the information that this process requires you to such as your government ID.
  6. After filing in all the forms make sure that you re-read the data that you are entering to decrease the number of mistakes that you will possibly make.
  7. After you are sure that the data you provided is 100% correct, submit it and in moments you will be presented your current application status. Here you will be able to track your driving licence application and if you want to do it again and again after a few days the same process will be required. The status will tell you if your “driving licence is rejected” or it is on its way or if anything is wrong with it.

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This is “how to track your driving licence application” using internet and your computer while you sit comfortably in your home. If you have got any questions or anything you want to know kindly comment below and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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