Tower of London 2020 UK – Secret History and Photos

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How many of you have heard about the “Tower of London 2020 UK”? Okay, I see that most of you have heard this name and I’m assuming that many of you have also visited the tower of London many times too. The question that I want to ask from all of you is, “how many of you know about the secret history of this tower”? Anyone? Well, this is what I had suspected.

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We are keenly interested in knowing about the things but then again, there are certain things which are always in front of us, we see those things every day, we cherish and adore them but yet, we don’t know about the history of those things. “Tower of London” is one of the mysteries that has existed among us for several years but only a few have to courage to ask, “What is the history behind this tower”?

Most of the times, when you visit tower of London, it is so crowded that you won’t get a chance to see it properly. However if you are one of those people who like to do some research before visiting any place, you will be able to see the beauty and history of this tower. In this post, we are going to take you back in history and tell you the past of this tower.

Tower of London 2020 UK - Secret History and Photos

Photo credit: lovechicliving

History behind Tower of London

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It was in 1066 when Normans were controlling the country and they had built a string of forts across the country to make sure that they had complete control over their territory. Now, if you have seen the tower of London, there is a location called white tower which is at the center of the sight. This place is called white tower because it was built from white stones which were and still are considered very luxurious and expensive too. They had brought these stones from Normandy by boat.

The Architecture

At the bottom of the tower, the walls are 15 feet thick. The main reason to build such strong walls for tower of London was to keep the enemy away and make sure that their base was strong enough to hold against any advancements by armies of their enemies. The cute little roof that you will see above is a new addition to the tower of London. This was not originally built by Normans but afterwards.

Let’s Move Forward

I will not bore you with the entire history of tower of London because I know that not all of you are interested in knowing about it. However, I’m now going to give you some tips that will help you see the actual beauty of this tower. Even if you have visited the tower many times before, reading the tips below will help you see it from a different point of view.

Be There Early or You Will Miss The Sight

If you want to see the tower with as less people as possible then you have to reach at the sight as early as possible. Make sure that you are thereby 9am or you will find a crowd of people who are eager to see the tower of London. After entering the tower, the first place that you want to visit is Jewel House which holds the crown jewels. This is one of those location in the tower that get crowded very soon so it should be the first place on your list to make sure that you can get a clear view of the sight and jewels.

Tower of London Photos

Tower of London Photos

Photo credit: aviewoncities

Tower of London Images

Photo credit: insightguides

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