How To Become Tourist Guide in London

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If you can talk fluently you can “become a tourist guide in London” but that is not the only requirement. A tourist guide is someone who takes people to a place that they have not seen before or they don’t know much about it (usually people from other country or far away city) and helps them see that place with better view.

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And by better view it means that he shows them the place and then goes back into its history like who built it and why was it built and other questions like that. To be honest, it is a challenge to become a tourist guide in London because it requires so many of skills from you.

How To Become Tourist Guide in London


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Those skills make you a better tourist guide and if you lack some of them you would end up ruining other people’s journey and create embarrassment for yourself. Today we are going to show you how to become a tourist guide in London. We will list the most important skills and then help you not only get better but also get some clients. So here we go.

How To Become Tourist Guide In London

First of all we are going to explain the skills required to “become a tourist guide in London”.

Being A Knowledge River

The most basic and important thing that you are going to need to become a tourist guide in London is a lot of knowledge just about anything in London. You should be able to not only help them notice things they would otherwise ignore but you should also have the ability to satisfy them and answer any kind of questions that they ask about London. That can be anything from asking bus timings to the reason why people in country are sometimes rude.

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Being Open

To become a tourist guide in London you must be open to talk. If the people that you have taken on a journey want to talk about a movie, you should never turn them down by saying “That’s not what you hired me for” or anything else like that.

They hire you to help them get entertained well and if talking about some movie is what they think will entertain them, don’t pull yourself back and just talk. That’s what they want you to do.

Never Ever Lie

A true tourist guide never lies and doesn’t hide anything from people. That is because those people paid for things to be unfolded to them and not hidden. If you are doing this, you are not honest to your job and that is not the right thing in any part of world.

Ask Them Questions

Just because you are tourist guide doesn’t mean you have no right to ask questions. You can ask questions like “what else would you want to know about London Bride” and so on. And trust us when we tell you, those people would love it.

How To Get Clients After You become a tourist guide in London

Tell your friends that you have now become a tourist guide in London and if they need to London, they can use your paid help. Go ahead to the next level and advertise in newspaper because mostly that’s where foreign visitors look to “find tourist guide in London”.

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That’s how you can become a tourist guide in London with some easy moves. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do it and just go do it. You won’t fail if you have confidence. Good luck.

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