Tour de France Route London 2014


We are covering “Tour de France Route London 2014” because Tour de France is world biggest cycling race that takes place in different countries all over the world. It will start in London on July 7th 2014. This race has long been entertaining people in all of world and now when it enters in London it is in the final stages after coming from other cities.

Tour de France Route London 2014

And today we are going to show “Tour de France route in London 2014”. The reason why we are writing this article is because races such as Tour de France are not easy to follow because instead of taking place in some limited ground they go all around the city and it will become almost impossible to follow them if you don’t know the Tour de France route London 2014 in advance. So here we go.

Tour de France Route London 2014

The race is to enter London from north side from Epping forest and that is where you have to be if you want to see all cyclists entering London. Once passed is Epping Forest, the racers will reach Queen Elizabeth Olympic park. That is the Tour de France route to enter central London and then move on to the other historic places of London.

After passing from Queen Elizabeth Olympic park the race will become a little slower as it proceeds to Thames, That is where there are going to be a lot of people gathered to see the racers passing. After that the racers will move towards probably the most important place of London which is Tower Bridge and then the Tower of London.

Once it is through all these places the next destination is going to be Big Ben and usually that is the place that sees the biggest crowd of people that are there to see the race. In all of Tour de France Route London 2014 this is best places to be if you really like to see Cycle racing. But that is not all because then the race will proceed to another historic and very important place of London which is the Houses of Parliament and another great place Westminster Abbey.

Tour de France Route London 2014

Well, probably the most important place to be during witnessing any race is the finishing line because that is where you see who was the best out of all of those countless cyclists who tried their luck. This year the race will move towards the finishing line after passing St James’s Park and the eventually reaching Buckingham Palace.

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But that is not going to be the place to finish it all because the finish line is The Mall and if you want to report the winner to some agency or are just too much into racing then it is strongly recommended to be at that place to see the history yourself.

That is Tour de France route London 2014 and now that you have completely read this post, we are strongly hopeful that you won’t have any difficulty at all now in following this great cycling race. However, if you want to know more or there are any confusions kindly comment below and we will try our best to give you right directions.

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