List Of Top Universities In The London 2020 UK

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Universities in the London are very famous all over the world. Students from all countries come to London for higher education. As everyone knows any country is recognized by its educational institutions. Because if any country has quality educational institutions than that country will surely be a developed country. Here we are talking about universities in the London which means educational institutions of the United Kingdom.

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The United Kingdom is known for its quality educational institutions all over the world. One of the great examples of English educational institutions is the “University of Oxford” that is located in Oxford united kingdom. But here in this article, we are going to list some top universities in London 2020 UK.

Top Universities In The London 2020 UK

1. Birkbeck, University of London 2020 UK

This is one of the top universities in the London and also one of the best in the whole United Kingdom too. It’s a very old educational institution of the England that was established in 1823 as the London Mechanics Institute. Birkbeck, University of London is ranked as 31 top institutions in the England and its worldwide ranking is 200. Birkbeck’s schools and departments include a school of art, school of business, economics, informatics, school of law, school of science, school of social sciences and some other departments are there.

Birkbeck, University of London
Birkbeck, University of London

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2. Brunel University – Universities in the London 2020 UK

Brunel University is another popular university in the united kingdom. It’s ranked as 37th top university in the United Kingdom but its worldwide rank is 331. Brunel University was established in 1966. Its schools and departments include the school of art, Brunel business school, Brunel Law school, School of engineering and design, School of health sciences and social care, School of the information system, computing, mathematics, school of social sciences and school sports and education.

Brunel University - universities in the London
Brunel University – universities in the London

3. City university in London 2020 UK

City university London was established in 1852 as the school of law but later on, it gained university status in 1966. At the moment there are 17000+ students are getting higher education in City university London. Its national ranking is 47 and worldwide ranking is 327. Besides offering many undergraduate and postgraduate courses City university London also offers many useful short courses.

City university London
City university London

4. University of East London 2020 UK

The University of London is another one of the top universities in the London. It was established in 1892 as a technical institute but later on, it gained university status in 1992 right on its 100th birthday. About 28000 students from all over the world study at the University of East London. Its schools and departments include, school of business, school of social sciences, school of education and communities, school of health, sports and bioscience, school of psychology and some other school and departments are there.

University of east London - Universities in the London
University of East London

5. University of Arts, London 2020 UK

Another well known educational institution among the popular universities in London. It was established in 1986 and then in 2004, it gained the status of a university. Above 25000 students from all over the world are getting an education in arts from the University of London. It is one of the largest education providers in the fields of arts like, fashion, design, art, communication and performing arts.

University of Arts, London
University of Arts, London

So, this is the list of top universities in the London. London’s educational institutions are recognized all over the world for their quality education. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more information about London.

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