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5 Best & Top Shopping Destinations in London 2018 UK


London the capital city of United kingdom is one of the world’s top tourist spots. The main streets of the London such as Oxford street and Regent Street are teemed with people of different nations all the time. One of the main activity of the tourists visiting London is shopping, today we are going to list top shopping destinations in the London to save your precious time during your trip. We will also suggest you things to take with you when visiting top shopping destinations in the London. List will help you find shops every type where both men and women can find things of their interest, let’s start now.


Top Shopping Destinations in the London, UK

# 1 : Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street is one of the most reputable shopping street and basically known for gentlemen fashion products, especially bespoke shirts. But ladies can also find products of their interest in Jermyn Street because London’s top retail brands including perfumery, jewellery, antiques, cigars, footwear, art and food have also their retails shops in Jermyn Street.

Jermyn Street - top shopping destinations in the London


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# 2 : Oxford Street

Oxford Street is called the “Shopping Paradise” of the London city. Because products of any type can be found here at Oxford Street. If you are going to visit London this season then never miss out this opportunity and must visit Oxford street for the biggest shopping exposure. Products from pen to great technology gadgets like Google Nexus, from Footwear to lipsticks, in simple words products of any kind and any brands can be bought from Oxford Street.

Oxford Street - top shopping destinations in the london

# 3 : Regent Street

Regent Street is another top tourist shopping destination in the West End. Regent Street is also one of the old shopping spots. It have a range of more than 100 international stores of different types and there are also many beautiful hotels and coffee shops there at Regent Street. The main global brands there at Regent street are Liberty, Apple, Hamleys and Anthropologie. The biggest apple store in London will fulfil your technology needs with all of the famous and latest globally known apple products.

Regent Street - top shopping destinations in the London

# 4 : Westfield London

Westfield London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in London. There tourist can shop, eat and meet with their friends. Top international retail stores like Marks, House of Fraser, Next, Debenhams and other more than 250 stores have their retail shops in Westfield London. Westfield London is more like a shop and eat place, there is also a cinema, library, gym and spa. If we talk about public transport connections than Westfield London is the most easily accessible shopping spot.

Westfield London - top shopping destinations in the London

# 5 : King’s Road

King’s road is another famous tourist spot in the capital city of United Kingdom “London”. King’s road is famous for its restaurants, bars, cafeterias and fashion stores. London’s top fashion store are located on King’s road, that’s why this tourist spot is very famous among the ladies.

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So, this is the list of some “best shopping destinations in London”. If you’re new in London or visiting it for the first time than don’t forget to take a tour guide with you when going for shopping. All of the top destinations also have their own tour guides which can be accessed easily while entering there. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more useful stuff.

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