Top 5 Adult Education Courses in UK 2015/16


The thought of going back to school, or deciding to further your education, as an adult can be a daunting one. It requires dedication and a clear mindset to, in effect, step back to your youth in the quest of acquiring new or furthering an existing skills set.


Adult Education Courses in UK 2015/16


However with online, adult home learning courses now more readily available and popular than ever before it is easier than you think, with the ability to learn at your own pace with full support available.

Below we take a look at these top five online adult learning courses that can allow you to successfully reach your goals in no time, with minimal disruption to your normal everyday life.

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1. Higher Level Teaching Assistant Diploma (HLTA)

Higher level teaching assistant Diplomas or HLTA Diplomas, are specifically developed to educate those already in employment as, or hoping to work as a certified HLTA.

This course will enable you to develop an understanding of the necessary skills, requirements and responsibilities belonging to the role of an HLTA. All modules are based around meeting the professional standards for a HLTA, clearly setting out the expected contribution of a teaching assistant to teachers, employers and pupils.


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The program outline focuses on three unique areas: professional attributes, professional knowledge and understanding, as well as professional skills, all working in conjunction to provide students with all the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the field.

Achieving the higher level teaching assistant qualifications will enable a starting salary range of
£16000 to £21000 per year.

2. Special Educational Needs (SEN)

This programme has been specifically designed to provide participants with all of the tools necessary to understand and accommodate various aspects surrounding special educational needs.

This programme is ideal for anyone wishing to work in an educational environment, and acquire a vast knowledge regarding special education. This includes an in-depth knowledge of the current legislation and how that translates amongst educational settings throughout England.


Students will receive education about special educational needs and disabilities commonly found in schools. Students also learn about the history of SEN and how attitudes and approaches have changed over time.

There will be a concentration on educational provisions including special education pupils in the standard curriculum, while understanding and assisting with some issues.

The course consists of 6 modules, and assessments are required so students can demonstrate their knowledge.

3. Forensic Science Diploma

Forensic science is defined simply as the application of science to the law, and this course examines the intriguing subject of forensic science, leading to an NCFE certificate.


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Students are educated in using forensic science to aid in the investigation of a criminal case, involving the search and examination of physical evidence useful in establishing or eliminating suspects. Students will learn how to examine a wide array of traces, such as blood and other biological fluids, hair, clothing fibres, shoe patterns, building materials and other various substances.

Forensic scientists can work for both the prosecution or the defence and are often required to appear in court and prepare formal reports, all of which this course prepares you for.

Education provides students with knowledge of the Crime Evidence Act, and the provisions within it, stressing the chain of evidence.

4. Criminal Psychology Diploma

Criminal psychology studies the inner workings of the criminal mind, focusing on why someone would commit a crime in the first place.

Criminal psychology is a specific branch of the psychology field, dealing independently with the criminal psyche, including behaviours, the law, punishment, and rehabilitation. It works closely within the realms of  forensic psychology, in fact the two can be considered one and the same.


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This course will approach each aspect of a criminal’s life to understand behaviours fully. Possible bio psychosocial and developmental causes of criminal behaviour are studied, as well as the role of phonology in a criminal investigation and throughout the justice system.

Students will learn profiling techniques, theory of crime, and investigating tools such as interviewing and lie detection.

The criminal psychology course requires no previous knowledge, but also makes an excellent follow-up to the level 3 Criminology course.

5. Nursery Nurse Diploma

This programme has been specifically designed to develop and strengthen your knowledge and skills in regards to childcare practices, and will lead students to a level 3 certification.

Courses are focused on various aspects of childcare, such as child development, professional development, childcare practices in a work based environment, and also meeting a child’s individual needs.


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The study guide is primarily aimed at first-time users; it may also be suitable if you have some previous experience with distance learning. This programme includes necessary assessment sections, as well as activities for each module to guide you through the learning process.

NCC Home Learning specialise in online adult learning resource and have these plus an entire range of courses for knowledge and further education.

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