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The Top 10 Justin TV Movies Channels 2013

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Justin TV movies channels are the best online source for watching movies of all types. Justin TV is a California based start-up which was started in 2006. Its a website which allow users to broadcast their videos live on the web to its millions of users and fans. Every user who sign up their can make its own channels and can start live broadcasting. In 2006 when the company was started with a single channel named ( lifecasting ) through which the owner used to broad his life 24/7 but in 2007 the owner shut down the company. But after some time company came back to action but this time with 1000s of channel of many types. Now company is very popular all over the world and its the one 1 broadcasting website at this time.

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As I’ve mentioned earlier that Justin TV now have 1000s of channel of every type, means you can watch sports, news, educational channels and even Justin TV movies channels. Today we are going to list the top 10 Justin TV movies channels 2013, so our readers can find best movies channels at Justin TV without wasting their time.


MOVIEMADDNESS is the number 1 movies channel at the Justin TV. Although its not as popular as some other movies Channels are on the Justine TV but its better known for its quality movies and entertainment. This channels have 508 followers, more than 70K views and this channel always have about 300-350 viewers. The best thing about this Justin TV movies channel is that you can enjoy movies of all genres.

MOVIEMADDNESS10 - Justin TV movies channels

2. Video Is No There 52 

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Video Is No There 52 is another one of the popular movies channels at Justin TV. Just like MOVIESMADDNESS this channel also have low number of followers but its also popular for its top quality entertainment. Here people can watch movies of all genres like Action, romance, thriller, Sci-Fi and others. This channel have got 161 followers and more than 20K views and this Channels always have more than 500 viewers online.

video is no there 52


3. Wdbi86

Wdbi86 yet another top class entertainment channel at Justin TV. This channel have more than 600 followers on Justin TV, more than 60K views and average of 650 viewers online any time. The best thing about Wdbi86 is that channel always broadcast new releases, when I visited the channel last time, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was on the Air, amazing movie.


4. Orbit149 

Orbit149 is also one of the best Justin TV Movies channel at Justin TV. Orbit149’s users can also watch movies of all genres. Channel is always on Air, So you can watch it any time. This Justin TV movie channel have 59 followers, more than 8K views and average of 200 viewers.


5. Profe189

If anyone wants college movies or movies for teenagers than this is the best Channel on the Justin TV. Channel have 6 followers, 1000 views and average of 50 viewers. So for I’ve found this channel best for teenagers, loving it 🙂


6. Mad_Movies_24

Mad Movies 24 another top class movies channel on Justin TV. When I visited this channel one of the best action movies was on the air, that’s impressed me a lot. Mad Movies 24 have got 6 followers just like Profe189 mentioned above, 1000 views and average of 50 viewers.

mad Movies 24 - Justin TV movies

7. Korean Movies

If you want best Korean Movies on the Justin TV than this is the best channel for you. Korean Movies Justin TV channel is very popular among the Korean users of the Justin TV. This channel have 603 followers, more than 352000 views and average of 2500 viewers.

Korean Movies

8. The Eldritch Horrors0003

As shown by the name of the channel its about Horror movies. Its best channel for those who want top class Horror movies at Justin TV. This channel have 76 followers, 50K views and average of 200 viewers.

The Eldritch Horrors0003

9. WorldWide7477 – Justin TV Movies

This channel is the best channel to watch action movies, specially NINJA movies ( I love Kung-Fu, If you know about some of the best Ninja Movies than please mention in the comments below  ). This channel have got more than 700 followers, more than 150K views and average of 500 views.


10. ShiftPoP

ShiftPOP is another one of the best Justin TV movies channel at Justin TV. Mostly this channel broadcast romantic movies and specially for teenagers. This channel have got more than 500 followers, 230K views and average of more than 400 views.


So, this is the list of top 10 Justin TV movies channels 2013. Now you can find best Action, thriller, romantic, adventure and movies of other genres at these Justin TV channels. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more entertaining and informative stuff.

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