Top 10 Budget Restaurants in London 2020 UK

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London is not only home to millions of souls but to so many restaurants as well. You may be looking for some “budget restaurants in London” and you are so lucky to have landed on the right page. In this post, I will tell you about some of the best restaurants that you can find in London which not only serve really delicious food but aren’t much expensive as well. Don’t you worry at all as I’m not going to take you into narrow streets where you can’t even find a place to sit and eat?

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The budget restaurants in London that I’m going to review are also one of the best restaurants in entire London too. Many of you may have never tried the delicious food of those restaurants considering it to be bad for health as they don’t charge a lot but let me tell you one thing, if you will eat their food for once, you will get addicted to it.

Top 10 Budget Restaurants in London 2020 UK


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Let stop talking and get down to business. Below, you will find brief reviews of top 10 budget restaurants in London 2020.

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Restaurant # 1 – Daddy Donkey, Holborn 2020 London, UK

The first restaurant in our list is Daddy Donkey, Holborn. I must tell you here that in the last 18 months or so, the street food culture of London has completely changed. You can find mobile hotels and restaurant everywhere. If you are hanging out in a park and you feel hungry, you can always find a mobile hot dog stall from where you can buy food at a very economical price. Daddy, Donkey, Holborn may be a mobile restaurant but their customer range has increased very rapidly.

Daddy Donkey, Holborn - Restaurant in London

During lunchtime, you will find it really difficult to get food in time. They don’t have a lot of space to accommodate their customers but their food is so delicious that people from all walks of life stand by their stall and enjoy the delicious food. In less than £7, you can have delicious and mouthful lunch.

Restaurant # 2 – Malletti, Soho and Clerkenwell 2020 London, UK

I have two main reasons to love Mallette. First, when you enter the restaurant, you see a sing on which it is written; “Are you thinking of ordering while talking on your mobile? Don’t! You will be totally ignored”. Now, this kind of statement may give a rude and cocky perception of the restaurant but that is so true.

 Malletti, Soho and Clerkenwell

If you are ordering food while talking on mobile aren’t you the one who is being rude? Secondly, the pizza that they serve is so delicious that you can eat a lot of it while having fun with your friends.

Restaurant # 3 -Yalla Yalla, Soho and Oxford Street 2020 London, UK

If you are into foreign food then Yalla Yalla is the place where you should go. This is a small Lebanese restaurant in the middle of London city. A lot of people like their food not only because it is economical but also because it is served in a traditional Lebanese way. Their staff is really supportive and they will definitely give you such food to eat that will force you to lick your fingers afterwards. What do you need more when you can have a satisfactory lunch in just £4?

Yalla Yalla, Soho and Oxford Street

Restaurant # 4 – Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Bloomsbury and St Paul’s 2020 London, UK

The food is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Bea’s but the most important thing about them is their interior design. They have got beautiful wallpapers in the restaurants and the atmosphere is really pleasant. You will fall in love with the attractive cup-cake displays in the restaurant.

Bea's of Bloomsbury, Bloomsbury and St Paul's

I have been to the restaurant quite a few times and I have bee to their kitchen as well. They cook food in a delicate way to make sure that hygienic values are kept forward all the time. You will surely fall in love with their delicious food, I’m sure. Food will not cost you more than £5.

Restaurant # 5 – Princi, Soho – Budget Restaurants in 2020 London, UK

Have you ever been to Princi, Soho restaurant, where that famous in London Italian baker Rocco Princi cooks delicious food? If not then you have really missed on delicious food so far in your life. I suggest you visit the restaurant today and taste their food.

Princi, Soho

If you don’t like the taste, I will give you your money back. I’m not saying this because I earn some sort of commission from the restaurant but I’m saying it because I have been there and their food is just simply amazing. You will not spend more than £8 in their restaurant for lunch.

Restaurant # 6 – The Harp, Covent Garden 2020 London, UK

If you are one of those people who want to have a drink soon after they arrive in London then The Harp, Covent Garden is the best place for you. Here you can sit in a nice and comfy atmosphere, eat food if you want, have a drink and enjoy your time.

 The Harp, Covent Garden

You will be so relaxed afterwards that you would want to visit this restaurant every day. You can eat pizza, roster, burger, hot dog and much more. In just £2.50, you can enjoy a sausage sandwich, what do you need more?

Restaurant # 7 – Mooli’s, Soho – Budget Restaurants in London 2020 London, UK

If you have that rebellious element in you and you are always protesting against commonly used things then Mooli’s restaurant is the best place for you. I noticed a very interesting thing in this restaurant when I visited the restroom. On walls, “F*ck the chicken tikka” was written in bold letters? Are you thinking that it was written by some rude customer? No, my friend, it is the restaurant manager who has written in the walls to show their rebellious approach towards stuff.

Mooli's, Soho

The guy who runs this restaurant is an ex-city lawyer and also a management consultant. All things apart, the food in this restaurant is so delicious and the prices are very low. The special dish “Mooli” will cost you only £2-£5.

Restaurant # 8 – City Càphê, the City 2020 London, UK

At this very moment in time, London is so in love with banh mi, thin-crust Vietnamese take on French baguette. If you have also tried this food, loved it and now you are looking for some restaurant that specialized in this kind of food then City Caphe, the City is the place where you need to do.

City Càphê, the City

I have been there and I really loved their food. They serve it in a traditional Vietnamese way and make you feel really special as a customer. In just £3.75, you can order Banh mi and enjoy it.

Restaurant # 9 – Gelupo, Soho 2020 London, UK

If you are into regional Italian food and you have not been able to find it in London so far then you haven’t tried all the possible places. Gelupo, Soho is a wonderful restaurant that serves delicious Italian food. Chef Jacob Kennedy is the man behind this restaurant.

Gelupo, Soho

A friend of mine told me about this restaurant, in the beginning, I was feeling very sceptical but as soon I entered the restaurant, I started getting that vibe about the deliciousness of food. However, once I started eating their food, I was all praising them and their cook. You can get an adult-tub ice-cream in just £3 and the sandwich is of the same price too.

Restaurant # 10 – Lantana Cafe, Fitzrovia in London 2020 UK

This restaurant is situated in an unusually laid back corner of London but it doesn’t mean that you will not find delicious food there. Lantana Café is one of those budget restaurants in London that are not only famous for an economical price but also for their delicious food too. In just £2, you can have breakfast. If you are feeling really hungry and want to eat a lot at breakfast, the maximum spending will be only £9.

Lantana Cafe, Fitzrovia

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