This Stoptober You Should Stop Smoking


Stoptober is now on its way this year. Stoptober is a British health government program which encourage people to gave up smoking. According to this program participants are provided by support kits, mobile app and motivational texts throughout the campaign. But do you know why British government run this campaign every year? Because according a research those people who successfully leave smoking for 4 or 5 five week are more likely to permanently leave smoking in future.


This Stoptober You Should Stop Smoking

This campaign will last for the whole month of October just like iTunes festival 2013 lasted for the whole month of September. Last year more than 1,60,000 people took part in this campaign and managed to stop smoking this year more than 0.2 million Brits are taking part in this campaign. Moreover, participants will also raise money for charity during the challenge. Do you know why people should leave smoking? Because of the following facts

1. About 20% of the Britons smoke.

2. 5% of British men smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day.

3. 7% of pregnant women also smoke.

4. In UK more than 0.14 million people die every year because of smoking related diseases.

5. 90% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.

6. Smokers lose 16 years of their life than compared to non smokers.

7. It may cause breast cancer.

8. Millions of people die every year just because of smoking.

Last words about Stoptober 2013

In addition, Justice ministry is also considering to ban all type of tobacco products in prisons across England and Wales. In return prisoners will be given nicotine patches to help them quit smoking. Smoking is one of the major death causes all over the world, millions of people die every year just because of smoking. That’s why everyone should have awareness about smoking, so came out of your home, take part in Stoptober, stop smoking yourself and also convince others to stop smoking.

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