Top Weird and Wonderful Things to Do in Shoreditch 2020

Fun Things to Do & See in Shoreditch, London, UK

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Forget the tourist traps of London, and instead head to what it is arguably the coolest neighbourhood in town: Shoreditch. With plenty of weird and wonderful things to do and see, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of things to explore no matter how long you’re spending in the East End.

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Things to Do in Shoreditch 2020 London, UK
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1# Geffyre Museum – Things To See In Shoreditch 2020 UK

Originally built in the 18th century as a hospital to tend for the East End’s economic underclass, this building has been transformed for modern audiences to enjoy. The Geffyre Museum now serves as an illustration of ordinary life in the capital, chronically how this has changed from the 17th century, all the way up to modern times. Inside, visitors are treated to living rooms and sitting rooms from across to ages, to depict how domestic life has evolved over the centuries.

The great and unusual thing about the Geffyre is that unlike most museums, it doesn’t serve to exhibit the riches of times gone by, but rather aims to show visitors a snapshot of how ordinary people would have lived in the past, and how their homes would have looked.

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2# Junkyard Golf Club – Things To Do In Shoreditch 2020 UK

Having recently moved into a bigger space, Junkyard Golf Club in Shoreditch is easily one of the weirdest and wonderful things to do in the area. Promising four mashed of courses of 9-hole crazy golf, this trippy venue is worlds away from the mini-golf courses you would usually find yourself at on holiday.

Instead, you’ll find Junkyard’s own brand of bad puns to accompany each joke, a trippy décor, and plenty of weird and wonderful cocktails to choose from – there’s a bar halfway through each course to keep you hydrated. shop also: Golf Gifts for Men

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3# Spitalfields Market – Things To Do 2020 In Shoreditch, London, UK

Originally dating back all the way to the 17th century, Spitalfields Market has an incredibly rich history that makes it unique among all the markets you are likely to encounter in London, or any city you visit for that matter. What was once a small collection of fruit and veg stall quickly turned into a much-loved food market that was eventually given a new lease of life during the local urban regeneration project of 2005. These days, you still expect to find plenty of delicious food to choose from but there are also vintage, fashion, and handmade goods stalls to browse.

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4# Nomadic Community Gardens

A hidden gem of unexpected greenery set in the middle of this urban area is one of Shoreditch’s wonderful little secrets. Nestled in between two train tracks, this beautiful community space got its nomadic name because the owner of the land has allowed the locals to use it as they see fit until there is a development plan in place.

Having organically grown, you’ll find all sorts of oddities here with murals and sculptures dotted alongside the coffee shop and vegetable gardens.

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5# Beautiful Street Art

There’s no shortage of beautiful masterpieces in the streetsuitcasemag.coms of London’s one of trendiest neighbourhoods. As with most areas that started off with a strong immigrant culture and low economy before gentrification swooped in, the walls of Shoreditch are filled with street art wherever you go.

Despite street art still being technically illegal in London, this hasn’t deterred local artists from making their mark on the bricks that were once made in the area – hence the name Brick Lane.

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6# The Monster Supply Store

A stop at the Monster Supply Store is a must for anyone shopaholic looking for an experience that provides “service with a snarl”. Offering a fun take on the type of souvenir stores you can usually expect to find in the heart of London, the Monster Supply Store sells everything from salt made from tears of anger to impacted earwax – that’s smoked salt and caramels to us, humans.

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