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Things To Do in One Day Trip of London 2019

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Only have a day in London? London is a huge city but the main attractions are close to each other. There’s also terrific public transportation.

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The recommendations are:


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Preparations for tour:

  • Decide on which attractions you’ll want to go inside, there won’t be enough time to go in all of them!
    Consider getting the London Pass which provides admission to multiple exhibits and lets you skip lines. They can also include unlimited trips on London public transportation.
  • Check out the recommended London Guides. Guide books have maps and detailed history for do-it-yourself travelers.
  • If you’ve only a day, consider doing a London Tour. You’ll be driven around the city so there’s no time wasted getting lost. You’ll also have a professional guide teaching you about the city’s history.

Things to do in Morning:

  • Wake up early and get to Tower Bridge. Built in 1886, the bridge is an icon of London. There’s an exhibition which will teach you about its history and show off its Victorian engine room.
  • Walk to the nearby Tower of London.
  • This castle was built in 1078 and has served as an armoury, treasury, and prison. The tower is open for tourists – but there’s usually a long line to see the crown jewels.
  • Take the underground subway to St Paul’s Cathedral. If you have time, go inside and walk up the steps to the dome. Here, you’ll find an amazing 360 degree view of London.

Things to do in Noon:

  • Take the underground to London Eye, the tallest ferris wheel in Europe. A ride lasts 30 minutes and includes incredible views of the city.
  • Walk to Big Ben, the legendary clock tower of London built in 1858.It’s 315 feet high and the main bell weighs 13.5 tons. It’s currently closed for tourists.
  • Next, walk to the nearby Westminster Abbey. Built in 970s, this church is home to coronations and royal weddings.

Things to do in Afternoon:

  • Take the underground to the Buckingham Palace, the current residence to the royal family. If you’re lucky, you’ll make it there in time for the Changing of the Guard.
  • Finally, take the underground to the British Museum. It’s a free and huge museum. You should make enough time to see the Rosetta Stone and a few other historic artifacts

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