The Silent Film Concert that Shout Out Louds – The Artist Royal Albert Hall

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When the whole world takes extra steps to welcome the New Year with zeal and enthusiasm how can the showbiz of London fail to make an impression? Like the rest of the world, they also made sure that they welcome the coming year with style and left no stone unturned to make it memorable. While many different events were held all over the city, one that deserved special accolade was the live concert of the silent film, ‘The Artist’. They truly provided an extraordinary beautiful way to bid adieu to the past year while at the same time welcoming the year that is set to come and setting precedents for how wonderful 2014 is going to be.

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The Artist Royal Albert Hall


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What is this concert all about:

The silent film concert featuring ‘The Artist’ was a live concert wherein the London Symphony orchestra was present to provide the sound track the HD screening. The silent film was based on the relationship between an experienced yet perhaps no longer placed in the industry actor with a young rising star of today. It depicted the changes in cinema. The story was well written by Michel Hazanavicius and portrayed in a magnificent manner by Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. The powerful performances were well supported by the beautiful melodies presented by the London Symphony orchestra with Ludovic Bource as the pianist. Needless to say, the atmosphere created was one to cherish. Conducted in Royal Albert Hall, the film was showered by praises with special mention to the orchestra.

While it is true that most people tend to opt for loud ways of celebrating the new years, the silent film concert provided a sophisticated and refreshing change that was praise worthy and a perfect example of how one can celebrate the coming of a new year in a dignified manner. The entire gathering present there was encouraged to dress up for the occasion in the Hollywood style of golden age of glamor. As expected, that only served to increase the glitz in the vent.

With the silent film concert as an example it is quite obvious that 2014 is going to be quite a year as far as showbiz and entertainment industry is concerned. We can expect some quality work, and some theaters that would be a departure from the usual loudness that has become the trend these days. London truly could not have found a better way to kick start the New Year. Going along with the succession started form the concert, another event that has gained attention in 2014 is declaration of the year 2014 as the Year of bus by the mayor of the city Boris Johnson. Just as the film intended to emphasis on the importance of the cinema that has passes, year of the bus is meant to celebrate the iconic bus and emphasis on the importance it has in the city and its role in the economy.

Events like the silent film and the year of the bus tell us that showbiz is not just about glitz and glamor. It is about appreciating what has passed while looking forward to the things that are about to come.

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