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10 Yummy Thanksgiving 2020 Dinner Dishes in London, UK


Cooking, giving and eating traditional foods are one of the best and most common as well as large part of the occasion thanksgiving celebration. A lot of families count in the whole family in the food preparation. The food includes turkey, gravy, stuffing, cornbread, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce as well as mashed potatoes. A lot of people also serve pie as the desert after the end of the meal.


10 Yummy Thanksgiving 2020 Dinner Dishes in London, UK


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The attraction of modern Thanksgiving in the United States, Canada as well as other countries is a large meal, usually centred on a huge roasted turkey. The mass of the dishes in the customary American version of Thanksgiving dinner is made from foods native to the New World. Turkey is one of the most common dishes serves on Thanksgiving dinner, sometimes thanksgiving 2020 is also called Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving 2020 is one of the best and most enjoying events to celebrate food and fun with your family and loved ones. It was introduced by America but now Thanksgiving is celebrated in the whole world. People around the world celebrate it in their own ways. People go to home parties and dinners where the food especially turkey serves a lot.  People even visit restaurants and love to celebrate this occasion with their families.

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Kids have parties and events on Thanksgiving Day at their school. Food is one of the major parts of Thanksgiving Day so you should prepare your food with expert advice so that your family and loved ones enjoy it more. This is why we are here to help you. We collect some of the best dinner recipes. Check them out and make your Thanksgiving dinner awesome!

1# Make Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving dinner (6)

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2# Sauteed Green Beans with Shallot Crisps
Thanksgiving dinner (7)

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3# Roasted Turkey

Thanksgiving dinner (8)

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4# Candied Sweet Potato Casserole with Parsnips and Carrots

Thanksgiving dinner (9)

Image Source

5# Classic Dinner Rolls

Thanksgiving dinner (10)

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6# Chardonnay Glazed Carrots

Thanksgiving dinner (1)

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7# Turkey Gravy

Thanksgiving dinner (2)

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8# Gingered Fruit Compote

Thanksgiving dinner (3)

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9# Porcini-Chestnut Stuffing

Thanksgiving dinner (4)

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10#Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Thanksgiving dinner (5)

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