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Fan Gets On Stage At Taylor Swift Red Tour Concert 2014 London

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During Taylor Swift concert in London, one of her fan blew the security and gave a scary stage entry that surprised Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift Red Tour Concert 2014 London


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As everybody knows that Taylor Swift is one of the most famous singers of America who has made a lot of fans in a very short time. She has gained a name in the music industry in a very little age. She has done a lot of concerts as well in different states of the United States as well as outside United States. A few days back, she was singing in a concert in London where was shocked with an incident. A crazy fan of Taylor Swift scared her out with his sudden entry on the stage. Taylor Swift during her concert in London faced a scary visit from one of her fan that was quite unusual. The concert was held in London and it was a Saturday night. There were a lot of people enjoying the concert. As it was weekend, this is why the crowd was very big.

A guy, who called himself one of the craziest fan of Taylor Swift blew the security guards on the back stage and confronted Taylor Swift when she was singing one of her best song ‘We are never ever getting back together’. That was more than a surprise for Taylor Swift as she never faced anything like this before. Ever the charmer, even after getting surprised, Taylor Swift greeted her fan and that guy also shook his hand before the bodyguards of Taylor whom he blew on the backstage. Much more amazing than this, even though she was interrupted by the sudden entry of that guy, she kept on giving her cool and mind blowing performance throughout the concert. And that was actually one of the most amazing live shows ever. This is one of the best qualities of Taylor Swift that whatever happens, she doesn’t give up. She always likes to give her best performance always.

Taylor Swift Attacked On Stage By Obsessed Fan Video

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