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How To Find Student Accommodation 2020 in London, UK

Affordable Student Accommodation in London ( Apartments & Shared flats)

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If you are thinking that just by buying a ticket to London and finding a university course there is enough for you then hold on for a second. Cheap student accommodation in London is not something that you take easily. There are a lot of challenges that you will have to face and if you don’t come here mentally and financially prepared, you may want to commit suicide (of course that was a joke, you get the sarcasm right?).

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Anyways the point is, student accommodation in London is one serious issue that you have to consider seriously before moving to this megacity. While there are so many benefits of living in London, there are side effects too. A person can definitely find a good educational opportunity in this city but finding “student accommodation in London 2020 UK” is not a joke.

How To Find Student Accommodation 2020 in London, UK


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While there are a lot of options available in this for you as a student, you will find yourself in doubt while making the final decision. Some flats will be so good looking that you won’t be able to avoid the temptation to start living there but when you will hear about the rent, you will run away from that spot and never look back.

A normal flat in London will cost you around £150-£400/ week. I know that this is totally insane but this is the price you have to pay in order to live in a city like London.

Student Accommodation in London

Feasible student accommodation 2020 in London, UK

It is quite clear that a student alone cannot pay £150 per week and that is the main reason why most of the students tend to live in sharing here in London. If you have made a few good friends in your educational institute, you can share your room/ flat with them. I have seen more than 3-4 students sharing the same room as well because student accommodation in London is very expensive.

Let’s assume that the rent of your room is £160/ week which means if you split it four ways, it becomes £40/ person. This may not be a big amount for a lot of people out there but for a student, £40 contains a lot of value.

Feasible student accommodation in London

Student Categories

It may not be the right approach to divide students in categories but this is how they live in London. In every student accommodation in London, you will find same kind of students. There are only a few examples in which students of different countries, race and culture live together. In my view, living with diverse people from different parts of the world is the best experience for you. In this practice, you get to learn a lot of things and all these things that you learn become very helpful in upcoming life. However, finding student accommodation in London with the students of your kind is common trend.

To avoid any discrimination, I’m going to divide students into two categories here.

Richie Rich Students

These are those students that belong to rich families from all over the world and they have no issue with paying high rents for student accommodation in London city. These students are here not only to study but also to enjoy their life as much as possible. Their parents encourage them to spend as much as they ant and concentrate on their studies. These kinds of students don’t worry about the rent at all. Some people believe that these students are one of the many reasons why rental prices have gone so high in London. Well, who knows what the real reason is but this category of students really makes it difficult for the latter category to find a decent flat in affordable price.

Other students

Then there are other students who are always looking for affordable yet decent student accommodation in London. It must be kept in mind that these are the same students who end up renting a flat that costs £160/ week and start sharing the room. In most of the cases, they don’t have any other option than to share rooms with 2-3 students. This way, they can easily divide the weekly rent concentrate on their education without worrying about rental expenses a lot.

All in all, you can find all kind of student accommodation in London but before you go ahead and make a decision, you have to make up your mind about your financial budget and the kind of student accommodation in London that you want to rent.

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