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Street Map of London

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If a fairy comes to ask about a wish, there would be uncountable people who would wish to visit London. London owns people’s heart but the only problem comes when people are not comfortable with the ways to complete their visit or journey. In that situation, street map of London is as important as oxygen to humans. Furthermore, this article would help you to understand the street map of London.

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Street Map of London


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Types of street map of London

There are different types of maps to get. Those who are walking can use a different map from those who are driving. Similarly, those who are using bicycle can use different map from those who are using some other medium to travel. One can buy a book or can search for street map of London online. The best way to search street map of London is to search it online. The major advantage is that the pictures of the place you enter would be visible to you. Undoubtedly, anything which is vivid is easy to grasp and there are less chances of you to get confused. Also, you can always move the pictures to see what comes next to the place you want to visit. That again gives you an incredible help to reach your destination.

How to understand street map of London?

Unquestionably, some symbols are not easy to understand and a person needs guidance in order to complete the journey. Firstly, it is important to understand lines of different sizes and colour. Major roads are of dark yellow colour, primary roads are of light yellow colour and secondary roads are of white colour.

In addition, an arrow denotes one way and arrow on both sides of the line means two ways. A little circle of green colour signifies traffic circle. However, a little orange line represents pedestrian overpass. Similarly, a blue line shows closed road and a silver square shows landmark.

A yellowish orange square implies a hotel or resort, whereas, an upside down triangle of light yellow colour indicates restaurant or fast food. A star of red colour means entertainment; however, a square of green colour denotes park or recreation. A silver little flat hut shows school or university. A relatively long square with a white cross denotes a Church. Again, a white box of nearly the same size of a square box which symbolizes Church is used with a red cross sign denotes a hospital. There is a little bus symbol which means bus station and a little jeep symbol for Jeepney terminal. Lastly, a drop of oil indicates gas station.

Where can you find street map of London?

Out of all the websites you normally visit. It is always a great idea to visit google maps with pictures. The article briefly tells you about different symbols. So, it would be easier for you to understand street map of London. The link of a splendid website is mentioned below.

City of London Street Map 

City of London Street Map

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In case, if you do not have internet facility. You can always buy a book from any stationary shop or amazon. The link provided gives you an option of few best sellers.

London Street Map Book

In conclusion, if you are keen to visit London. Don’t rely on anybody else because you have a facility of using street map London.

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