How To Stop Xbox Live Auto Renewal UK

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Auto renewals are somewhat great because they save a little bit of time and also keep you away from suffering embarrassment of losing connection just because you forgot to pay. However, there is a reason why people want to know “how to stop Xbox live auto renewal” because it can be painful sometimes.

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Just like you forget to pay and lose your connection, in this case, you forget to cancel and lost your money because there aren’t any refunds when it comes to Xbox live. But we thought that needs to change quickly. The reason why it is important is because money is earned with hard work, sweat and blood and no one in the world wants to lose a little bit of it on something that they don’t want at all and “Xbox Live auto renewal” can be just that sometimes.

How To Stop Xbox Live Auto Renewal UK


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And we are going to show you how you can get rid of this thing in this tutorial. We are going to teach you how to stop Xbox live auto renewal so you never again have to lose your money. And you pay when you actually want to pay.

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How To Stop Xbox Live Auto Renewal

It is not hard to stop Xbox Live auto renewal but just a little tricky for the people who don’t know much about internet. But the steps that we are going to mention below are for all and anyone with any IQ level should be able to follow them and stop Xbox Live auto renewal. So here we go.

How To Stop Xbox Live Auto Renewal UK

  1. Open up your internet browser and go to Xbox Live website.
  2. Second thing that you need to do is login to your account at Xbox Live website which can be done using Microsoft account.
  3. There is going to be a lot in front of your eyes but ignore everything else and just click ‘My Account’.
  4. Once clicked that, click ‘Subscriptions’.
  5. Now you have to find the service that you want to stop which is in our case Xbox live auto renewal. So just find it.
  6. Once found, click on ‘Cancel automatic payment’.
  7. And then simply click Continue.
  8. Sit back and be relaxed. Now no one is going to take money from your hands without letting you know.


One important thing that we wanted you to know is that cancelling your Xbox membership and your decision to stop Xbox Live auto renewal are 2 totally different things. If you stop Xbox Live auto renewal then you’ll still be able to enjoy the service for current month. However, if you cancel your total Xbox membership, it would be closed immediately and you won’t get any refund and the service would be terminated immediately. Hence, think about what you are going to do before you actually do it.

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That is how to stop Xbox Live auto renewal and start to pay manually or just forget about it. Never again your money would go to someone else without your permission and many people have reported that not having auto renewals activations helped them get relaxed. It can be the case with you too.

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