How To stop Telemarketers Calling UK Tips

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We all want to be able to “stop telemarketers calling uk” because they can be irritating, disturbing and sometimes frustrating. No one likes to be told to buy something because we would automatically go out and buy the things we need.

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Hence, it is a smart thing to stop telemarketers calling UK if you want to live a peaceful life because there are just so many of them trying to sell their stuff. Today we have decided to cover this topic and help people block / stop telemarketers calling UK.

How To stop Telemarketers Calling UK Tips


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So that when their phones ring they spring up with joy thinking that someone close is calling instead of screaming with frustration when someone tries to sell you something. We admit that sometimes things that are offered are good and worth buying but that is a rare case and most call are junk.

How To Stop telemarketers Calling UK

There are a lot of different strategies that will help you stop telemarketers calling UK and maybe in other countries too. You should try to use all of the one by one and then stick to the one that works for you. Here we go to the list.

Ask Them Not To Call Again

You can’t make it any more obvious that you don’t want to hear from them. Just softly tell them to never ever try to call you again and remove all data that they have about you and your job. This works in case of most telemarketers and they understand what it means when you tell them not to call again. They probably won’t.

Talk Rudely

A simple way to stop telemarketers calling UK is by talking rudely or strangely. Be so different when you talk that the caller forgets about the offer he was going to make to you and starts to think about what kind of person he is talking to. If any caller from a company feels confused while talking to you, it is obvious that they are not going to call again.

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Tell Them It Is Not Your Number

A tricky way to move out of circle of telemarketers is by telling them that they just called a wrong number. They might call again but your answer should be the same that you are not the person that they are looking for. This would force them to delete your number from their list because they would consider it faulty and you would be able to stop telemarketers in UK.

Use TPS – Block telemarketers calling UK

TPS is a special service available in United Kingdom that helps you automatically block calls from unknown numbers or known company numbers. This would decrease the calls you get daily from companies like a magic and you would feel great to have the power to avoid telemarketers in UK.

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This how many people living in United Kingdom have started to stop telemarketers calling UK and live more peaceful life. You can be just like them too if you follow our tips. If you liked the article, share it with your friends or subscribe to our blog to not miss any updates in future.

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