9 Tricks to Stay in London Cheaply

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You need to understand two things properly before you go in and try to “stay In London cheaply”. Those two things are that London is not just among the most popular and highly crowded cities of the world it is also among the most expensive ones. Everything that you see in London will look good for sure from Hotels to schools and visiting places.

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But the bitter truth is almost all those things that look good are going to cost you some serious amount of money which is not what you would want to do when you are on plan to stay In London cheaply.

 Stay in London Cheaply


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We know a lot of people who love going to London but they never do it because they realize that they don’t enough money to get into that world class city and enjoy it, There are also a lot of people who go there and return disappointed because they couldn’t do a lot of things that they planned to do all because they have no money into their pockets.

We want to put a stop to this thing today. We want to teach you how to stay in London cheaply and enjoy this city of the world fully and that is exactly what we are just about to do right now.

10 Tricks to Stay in London Cheaply

Trick # 1 : Use 2-3 Star Hotels Instead of 5 Star Hotels

Unless you are a millionaire from somewhere Europe or you belong to some Mexican royal family you should not even think about staying in London 5 star hotels. Do you know why we are saying it? This is because such hotels charge more money for one night than many people make in their entire month or even year.

Hence, it is best for you to stay in some cheap hotels because after all you are there to see the city and not to see hotels right? Below are some recommendations for you to stay in London cheaply using cheap hotels.

Recommended Hotels To Stay in London Cheaply

  • Travelodge London Central City Road Hotel
  • Ibis London Blackfriars
  • The Beaver B&B


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Trick # 2 : Visit Free Places Only

It is a wise move to go and see free places only such as Museums and parks etc. There are so many of them in London that chances are you will not even be able to see all free places leave the paid ones far away. Hence, make the right move and go for it,

Best Free Places To Visit in London

  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • The Wallace Collection
  • English Heritage: Kenwood House

Victoria and Albert Museum

Trick # 3 :  Don’t Participate in Events, Just Watch

Events are taking place in London all the year and participating in those events can be pretty costly sometimes. You don’t have to be a part of something to be able to enjoy it. Hence, you can just go there are watch. Chances are that the most events are free to watch or there is a very little fee to pay.

Upcoming Events in London



Trick # 4 : Go To Cheap Restaurants For Eating

Stay moderate when it comes to eating because eating and living are the two most costly things in entire London because these are two things that every single visitor in London has to do no matter what. You can either go to 5 star royal like places to eat and lose all money you have in one or two meals or you can go to middle stared restaurants and keep eating during your entire stay. Some best cheap restaurants are given below to help you stay in London cheaply.

Cheap Restaurants In London

  • Ariana II
  • Arancini Factory
  • Café Below

Cheap eats


Trick # 5 : Use Travel Cards

If you are willing to “stay in London cheaply” then there is no way that you can ignore the usage or travel cards. Travel cards are made for the ease of people and using them can reduce the costs of your travel.


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Trick # 6 : Grab Deals

Whatever you are about to do (buy theatre tickets, event tickets, train tickets, travel cards) or anything else go for deals if possible. These deals reduce the prices magically and give you more than you can expect sometimes. To grab deals ask for it on places where you are about to buy something.


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Trick # 7 : Book Really Early

Early bookings are always going to be less costly as compared to on time booking because most people in London are lazy and they prefer to do things at the very last minutes. Event organizers and other people like that take advantage of this thing and increase prices in ending day. To ensure you stay in London cheaply make sure you always buy tickets beforehand.

Early booking


Trick # 8 : Walk as Much as Possible

Walking in London comes with more than one benefits as you not only save some good money but you also get to see a lot of things that you would have otherwise missed. Hence, whenever possible go to your destinations walking. Some of the best places to have a walk in London are;

  • The Jermyn Street Experience
  • Bullshit London
  • London Loo Tours

Trick # 8 : Walk as Much as Possible


Trick # 9 : Prefer Train Over Bus

Most of travel cards are for bus and train which means you will have to pay the same for travelling on either one of them. However, whenever there is a chances to buy a train ticket you should go for it because train tickets are always fairly cheap as compared to bus tickets. Plus you also get to enjoy another experience which is travelling in lavish yet extremely fast trains of London. But make this decision with care and only do it if it will not harm you in some way (making you late from some interview etc).

Trick # 9 : Prefer Train Over Bus


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These are the best ways to stay in London cheaply while getting to see almost all important things that are there and also getting to taste the foods of London along with places to live. We hope you enjoyed the article and it helped you learn. If there is anything else you want to know kindly let us know by commenting below.

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