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Star is identified after his death

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There are times when you get to know about a person after his death. Even this time the similar case was visible because the star is identified after his death.

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Who is the star?

A young boy used to live in East London on Spey street and was just 16 years old. He was stabbed on 12th of August 2013 near his house by a gang. Although, the police suspects that the murderer got confused and stabbed him instead of the one he had fought with in reality, however, strict actions are being taken. Until now, four people are arrested. The name of the star was Ajmal Amol. Undoubtedly, his family is in trauma and cannot believe Ajmal left them forever.

Why is he a star?

Ajmal Amol was a student at Langdon Park school. An extraordinary child with all the abilities to get brilliant results as his headteacher Chris Dunne always thought he would be a star soon. Furthermore, he was brilliant at his studies and was very caring. Soon after his death the world identified a star. Ajmal got 8 As in subjects such as mathematics, science, English Literature, geography, religious studies and citizenship and three B grades.

Ajmol Alom at Derry city in Northern Ireland


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Ajmol Alom at Derry city in Northern Ireland. Credit: Chris Dunne

Amjal wanted to become a doctor and was keen to help people. His excellent GCSE grades tell he was a star and would have gone to A-levels for further studies. Who knew what was waiting for him?

Finally, there are many like Ajmal. Intelligent brains but the crime does not let such minds tell how blessed they are. We hope Ajmal would get justice soon.

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