Sporting Events in London – July 2014


There are a lot of “sporting events in London July 2014” because that city is active place. There is a saying that a nation never falls down as long as its play grounds are not abandoned and London is a place where games are going on almost all the times. And July 2014 is no exception.


Sporting Events In London July 2014


This month there is something for everybody and that is variety in the games that are due to take place. We have decided to list the best sporting events in London July 2014 because we know that people are eager to watch sports and they want to see the best stuff. Hence, here we go to our subject.

Sporting Events in London July 2014

Below are some sporting events in London July 2014 listed to pump up your adrenaline and help you enjoy your life with excitement.

Event #1 : Test Match: England vs India

Event Date: 17th to 21st July 2014
Event Location: Lord’s Cricket Ground, St. John’s Wood Road, St. John’s Wood, London

Its time for cricket fans to jump in their seats because two of the world’s best cricketing teams are just about to collide in July 2014 in a test match. This test match is going to take place in the historic and legendary stadium of Lords. You can go there to enjoying the thrilling action between two heroes of test cricket.

Event #2 : Wimbledon 2014

Event Dates: 23rd June to 6th July 2014
Wimbledon 2014 has come and now is the time to get to stadium to see the best players in world in action. It was a historic event last year for United Kingdom when they finally got the trophy after waiting more than 75 years. And that is the reason why this year the stadium is going to be packed with countless people to see if that is going to happen back to back in 2 years.

Event #3 : County cricket at the Oval — Surrey v Kent

Event Date: 20th July 2014
County cricket is a non-stop action source for cricket lovers and it continues to provide classical matches. This July Surrey and Kent are going to collide. Who will win? Go to Oval stadium to find out.

Event #4 : Tour de France 2014

Event Date: 7th July 2014
Tour de France is coming to London on 7th July. And if you have ever liked cycle racing, this is not something to miss. Go out there to see it or enjoy it from comfort of your home.

These were the sporting events in London July 2014 that we wanted to talk about. As said in the start, these events are for all people. Cycle racing lovers, Cricketers and cricket lovers and tennis lovers are all going to get a good feeding of their favourite games.

If there is any other event that you would like to see in this “list of sporting events in London July 2014” , kindly comment below and we will definitely consider your suggestion. We ask you to subscribe to this blog to get more posts like this one. If there is anything else you would want to know about sporting events in London July 2014, let us know.

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July 2014 Events In London - Tour de France 2014

July 2014 Events in London

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