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5 Best Skip Hire London – Top Skip Hire Services In London 2020 UK

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Skip Hire is a way to collect and dispose of a certain type of waste all over the world. Mainly skips are used to dispose of construction waste but skips are also used for many other waste dispose purposes.

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In this article today we will discuss skip hire London. We will list purposes of skip hire London and will also list 5 best skip hire companies in the London city. Skips are placed at the site and after it’s been filled with waste a special type of lorry lift the skip and dispose of it at a landfill site or transfer station. First of all, we will discuss the use of skip hire London, which is below.

5 Best Skip Hire London - Top Skip Hire Services In London 2020 UK

  1. It is used to dispose of construction and demolition waste.
  2. To dispose of refurbishment waste.
  3. To carry soil.
  4. To dispose of dry non-hazardous waste.
  5. For plasterboard.
  6. To dispose off bulky waste.
  7. To dispose of off-source segregated waste.

Below are the companies offering “Skip Hire London services 2020 UK”.

1. Winters Haulage UK

Winters Haulage UK is one of the most popular Skip Hire company in London city which is working for years. They have more than 2000 Skips every time in their stock. So you are more likely to have your preferred skip from Winters Haulage UK. This company offers all of the services mentioned above. They offer to skip ragging from 2-14 cubic yards in size. They also have their website


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, you can log on to that for more information about this Skip hire London company. People can also book skip from the company website with their credit or debit card.

2. London Skip Hire

According to London skip hire their aim is to make skip hire easy and hassle-free for the people. This is fully licensed and insured skip hire London service. Services like full site clearance are available there, there all lorries are radio-equipped so that their location can be tracked by GPS satellites. The company also have a website which can be accessed for more information.

3. Skip and Bin London

Here is another one of the popular skip hire London services. You can avail skips of different sizes from this company, available sizes are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 yards. This company also have its website from where you can get useful information and can also know about the prices of this company. Skip and Bin London charge a different price for different areas of London. To know the price of your area, just enter your area postcode and size to know the price on their website.

4. Reston Waste Management limited

Reston Waste Management limited is another well-known skip hire service. You can use Reston’s skip services for both domestic and commercial uses. Available sizes there are 8-12 yards. You can also browse their website to get more details about the locations and prices they are offering for the skip hire London services.

5. Any Junk – Skip Hire London

A Skip hires London service with a nice name is here. They also offer skips for both domestic and commercial uses. Any junk also has a website and also listed in the Google places. You can check out their website for more details.

So, these are the skip hire London services 2020 UK which are offering top quality services for years. We hope you will find it useful but stay in touch with us for more useful information about Skip Hire London.

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