How To Say London in different Languages

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London is one of the most popular cities in the world and that is the reason entire world says its name. And we want to teach you how to “say London in different languages” because it is spoken and most importantly written differently in almost all of the languages. There are more languages in the world that anyone or any survey team can count. There have been some estimations of how many of them are out there but that can’t be true.

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Say London in different languages


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We can never understand the exact amount of languages available in this world. However, we understand that it is impossible to list every language in the world and show you how London is said in that particular Language. But we are going to show you how to say London in different languages, the ones that are most popular around the globe and hopefully there would be some languages that you can easily understand. So here we go.

How To Say London In Different Languages

The reason why it is important to learn to say London in different languages is to help yourself by helping the people of that language understand what you are saying and what you mean because misunderstanding can sometimes cause disasters.

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You intend to say something else but the person that you are talking to thinks you something other than what you actually meant and mostly they get offended by that you get something that you don’t want to have. We have seen it in movies and live.

How To Say London In Polish?

How to say London In Czech?

How to say London In Finnish?

How to say London In Cornish?

How to say London In Vietnamese?
Luân Đôn

How to say London In Anglo-Saxon?

How to say London In Chinese?

How to say London In Icelandic?

How to say London In Scotish Gaelic?

How to say London In Korean?
Reondeon / Rŏndŏn – 런던

How to say London In Japanese?
Rondon – ロンドン

How to say London In Arabic/Urdu/Persian?

How to say London In Georgian?
Londoni – ლონდონი

(A list by Wikipedia)

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If your languages is not listed above, you can simply comment below and ask us “how London is said in your language” or any other and we would be more than happy to tell you that.

You can also help yourself by doing a Google search and finding out what you are looking for. For example if you want to know how London is said in Russian, simply search “How to say London in Russian” and you would immediately find out the answer to your question.

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Well, this is how you can say London in different languages. The purpose of this post is to not only let you understand how London is pronounced and written in different languages. The real purpose is to actually enable you to be able to say it whenever you need. Simply bookmark this post and come back and see anything you need to see. Happy journey and happy stay in wherever you are.

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