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Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in London 2020 UK

London Most Romantic Restaurants for a Perfect Date night

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One thing that I really love about London is that you get plenty of stuff to eat in this city. You can find “most romantic restaurants in London 2020 UK” very easily. There is no limitation at all. It doesn’t matter what kind of taste you have in food, you can find delicious cuisines from all continents of the world. If you would like to eat Indian or Pakistani food, there are countless restaurants for that, if you want to eat some Italian food, there are even more restaurants and Chinese food is available just around every corner in London.

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However, if you are planning to go on a date then your biggest concern is not the type of food but the atmosphere of the restaurant where you will be having dinner.

Keeping this requirement in mind, I’m going to tell you guys about the

Best and Affordable Most Romantic restaurant in London 2020 UK

1: Amaya Indian Restaurant 2020 UK

The owners of renowned Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy bring to you the most “romantic restaurant in London” called Amaya Indian Restaurant. One thing that I can say about this restaurant is that your mind will be totally blown. The atmosphere, the support of the staff and especially the fragrance is so romantic that it will become difficult for you to stop yourself from proposing your girlfriend. The restaurant was opened in 2004 and since that time, it has made a big name in the list of romantic restaurants in London. Once you will visit this restaurant, there will be hardly anything that you will regret. For me, this restaurant always does the trick. The atmosphere is suitable for families from all parts of the world.

amaya indian restaurant london - Romantic Restaurants in London


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Restaurant # 2: Andrew Edmunds – Romantic Restaurants in London 2020 UK

This restaurant is located in a townhouse in Soho. I’m the kind of person who likes to eat in big dining halls but the halls available at Andrew Edmunds are quite cosy and small. Still, I have fallen in love with this restaurant because they have managed that small space very gracefully. Another interesting thing that I must mention here about this restaurant is that they still use handwritten menus which means you will not be wondering what kind of font they have used and its size. The menu changes on a daily basis so you will get to eat a new variety of foods every day. The pricing is very reasonable too which means it will not be that heavy on your pocket as well.

andrew edmunds restaurant london

Restaurant # 3: Blakes – Most Romantic Restaurant 2020 UK

If you are in search of the most romantic dining rooms in London then Blakes is the place where you should be right now. The interior design of Blakes is so overwhelming that you would like to have dinner there every night. The restaurant has been designed to give a luxurious outlook and it does the same thing. There is nothing about this restaurant that you can pick out and say, “Hey, it doesn’t look good.” Each and everything about Blakes is simply mind-blowing and very romantic. If you are waiting for the right moment so you can tell her how you feel then Blakes offers the environment. All you need to do is to get a reservation for two and take the next step in your romantic life.

blakes restaurant london

Restaurant # 4: Blue Elephant – Best romantic restaurants for a date in London 2020 UK

If you haven’t been to Blue Elephant then don’t judge them by the name they have chosen for their restaurant. The restaurant was inaugurated in 1986 and that is one of the many reasons why I consider them as one of the pioneers in ‘romantic restaurant’ industry. You will not find such great setting in any other restaurant across London. The waiting staff hired in this restaurant is Thai and they wear traditional Thai clothing as well. Most of the families come to this restaurant to enjoy the Sunday buffet. If you are into Thai food then Blue Elephant is the place where you can find the best ever quality. Still, if you are thinking that Blue Elephant is just a name that got lucky in London then you are wrong because they have got many other restaurants under the same name in many different countries as well.

blue elephant restaurant london

Restaurant # 5: Criterion Restaurant

Again, don’t look at the name of the restaurant but try to figure out what they are offering. Many of you may have never gone to criterion restaurant but if you have ever been there then you know what I’m talking about. For the first time, this restaurant was opened in 874 so they have got a huge history. The aim of the restaurant was to serve Modern European cuisines and they have been doing the same thing with style ever since. Every time I visit this restaurant, their menu and staff never fail to amaze me. I always left wondering what is it so special about this restaurant that I cannot resist coming here at least once in a month. To be honest, I really have no idea at all.

criterion restaurant london

Restaurant # 6: Gordon Ramsey – Most Romantic Restaurants in London 2020

One of the many romantic restaurants in London first started operating in 1998 and today they have got three Michelin Stars. This honour is held by only two other restaurants in the UK so if you are eating dinner in Gordon Ramsey then you are a privileged person in this world. The quality of food is definitely unquestionable but the most important thing about this restaurant is its atmosphere. This is the kind of place where you should always bring that special someone. Not only this restaurant will offer you best service and food but you will also be able to express your love for her in the right way. One thing that you must keep in mind is that they are always overflowed with bookings so you better pick up the phone right now and get the earliest available reservation for two.

gordon ramsay restaurant london

Restaurant # 7: La Bouchee – Romantic Restaurant In London 2020 UK

People normally like to eat Italian cuisine but there are a lot of people who are into French food as well. One common thing about European cuisines is that they are considered as a symbol of love. Europe has always been famous for its romantic culture and thus its food depicts the same taste as well. La Bouchee is one of those romantic restaurants in London where you must have dinner before you die. The restaurant is packed with couples in the evening sharing dishes with each other. You and your specials someone will love it here, I’m sure. Just like most other famous restaurants, you will have to make a reservation first on the phone.

La Bouchee restaurant london

Restaurant # 8: Le Pont De La Tour – London’s Most Romantic Restaurant 2020 UK

If you are into different kinds of cuisines from all over the world then you must also try to taste of Le Pont De La Tour restaurant that offers Anglo-French cuisine. This restaurant is not only famous for the taste of its food but they are also famous the romantic atmosphere as well. Couples from all over London come here to have a great time with each other. If it is a special occasion in your life and you want to share it with the person you love, then this restaurant is the best place for both of you. You can order from a huge variety of cuisines written on the beautiful menu while keeping in mind that anything you order will taste really good. There is no doubt in my mind that you will love this restaurant, its food and especially its atmosphere. C’mon go ahead and make a reservation, you can thank me later.

le pont de la tour restaurant london

Restaurant # 9: Le Gavroche – Romantic Restaurants in London 2020 UK

One of the “most famous and romantic restaurants in London”, Le Gavroche was opened in 1967 in Chelsea for the first time and then it moved to Mayfair in 1981. The restaurant is also considered as one of the most expensive restaurants in London but the quality of their food has no comparison. Le Gavroche also has the honour to be the first restaurant in the UK to receive a Michelin Star and it happened in 1974. In 1977, they received two Michelin Stars and it was only “restaurant in the UK” to do that. Finally, they moved to the highest place in their ranks by obtaining three Michelin Stars in 1981. There are only two other restaurants in UK that have got three Michelin stars but at that time, Le Gavroche was the only restaurant in this race. There is beautiful artwork posted on the walls of this restaurant and it will definitely keep your engaged in a romantic setting with your loved one.

le gavroche restaurant london

Restaurant # 10: Pomegranates – Romantic London Restaurants For Couples 2020 the UK

Patrick Gwynn-Jones who is the proprietor of Pomegranates has been running this restaurant since 1974 and I personally believed that he has not redecorated the place since then. The old and classy setting of stuff in the restaurant will definitely mesmerize you to the cores of your heart. During lunchtime, you will find most of the people from the political arena in this restaurant but during the evening, the halls are packed with romantic couples from all parts of London.

pomegranates restaurant london

Now that you know about “top 10 romantic restaurants in London 2020 UK“, it is time to decide where you would like to go for your next date. Just select one name, pick up the phone, make a reservation and tell her how you feel at the right place.

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