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5 Affordable Restaurants in Central London 2020 UK

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Living your nights and days in the UK’s capital London is not affordable for everyone. Especially it’s very difficult to find budget “restaurants in central London”.

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Because it’s the central hub of the UK. But don’t worry if you are going to visit London you will manage to find affordable restaurants there. Because today we are going to list affordable restaurants in central London.

The prices of all these restaurants and cafes are very low than the big names in London, the list starts now.

5 Affordable Restaurants in Central London 2020 UK


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5 Affordable Restaurants in Central London 2020 UK

Restaurant # 1: Daddy Donkey

Daddy Donkey is one of the most popular Mexican grill restaurants in London. On lunchtimes lot of people head to the daddy donkey to eat the fresh, quality food on competitive prices. You can also check out the menu of Daddy Donkey on their website. Or if you want them to deliver at your house than you can also order them online, just visit their website for more details about Daddy Donkey.

daddy donkey - restaurants in central London

Restaurant # 2: Pizzeria Malletti – Restaurants in Central London

If you want a delicious pure Italian pizza with Italian way to serve than there is no best place than Pizzeria Malletti in London. They cook the best pizza in London. Firstly they bake big size pizzas than they cut off the pieces from that upon orders from the customers. Pizza price at Pizzeria Malletti starts from 3.95 pounds per pizza slice. You can also check out their website for more details.

Restaurant # 2 : Pizzeria Malletti

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Restaurant # 3: Yalla Yalla

It’s a Lebanese restaurant located in Soho street. Although this area is popular for the night clubs there this Lebanese restaurant is also very popular in that area. Just like the 2 restaurants mentioned above, this is also an affordable and quality place to buy healthy and delicious food for you. For more information about Yalla Yalla, you can check out their website.

Restaurant # 3 : Yalla Yalla

Restaurant # 4: Princi – Restaurants in Central London

This is not only an affordable restaurant in central London but its also one of the perfectly designed restaurants in the middle of London. Princi runs like a canteen, such as you have to go to the counter and then they will serve what you want in a tray. They offer different types of hot meals but their pizza is very popular. Just check out their website for more information.

Restaurant # 4 : Princi

Restaurant # 5:  Gelupo

I think we should also list a restaurant popular because of a sweet dish. That’s why we have added Gelupo in this list of Affordable restaurants in central London. It’s the main hub of Italian food in London but its mainly popular for its milk rich tasty ice cream. Just view their website for more information.

Restaurant # 5 : Gelupo

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So, this is the list of “affordable restaurants in central London”. We hope you will like the stuff but don’t forget to check out this list of top London newspapers.

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