How To Renew UK Driving Licence [ Online and Post Office ]

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Driving in any country is essential because without it, you are almost worthless to yourself. That is because you can’t go see the places around yourself and also can’t reach your desired destinations in the given time. Hence, getting a driving licence is really important especially in UK. And once you get one, it is even more important to renew UK driving licence when about to expire because you can put yourself in trouble by not doing what Government wants you to do. Yeah, don’t mess with the authority. ūüėõ

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How To Renew UK Driving Licence


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Below we are going to guide you how you can renew UK driving licence and continue enjoying your stay in that beautiful place called ‘United Kingdom’.

How To Renew UK Driving Licence

There are total 3 methods to apply for it and we would recommend and talk about two of them.

1. Renew UK Driving Licence Online
2. Renew UK Driving Licence Post Office

How To Renew UK Driving Licence

1- Renew UK Driving Licence Online

Well there are some very important things that you are going to need to get this thing done and don’t expect to renew UK driving licence without these documents.

  1. First of all you are going to need a valid UK passport that was issued in last 5 years to confirm that you are staying there legally and nothing is wrong with your stay. This country and the people of the country are safe from you.
  2. Renewing UK driving licence will charge you 20 pounds. And you can pay that money using multiple ways including Visa, Electron, Debit card or credit card or even your MasterCard.
  3. You must never have been disqualified from driving and if you are, you won’t get your licence renewed.
  4. You will also have to show your National Insurance number.
  5. Another thing that is required is that you must provide address of places where you have lived within the last 3 years.
  6. And now most importantly, you will need your previous driving licence.


An important thing to be noted is that DVLA will get the photo and signature that are already on your old driving licence. If you don’t want them, you must follow the method number 2.

2- Renew UK Driving Licence Post Office

Applying at a Post Office is a bit less complex as compared to online application. You can call this number 0845 722 3344 to find the nearest post offices around your current location.

There are three things that you are going to need.

  1. The already completed renewal from D798.
  2. Your will also need photo card licence.
  3. And some money of course because it would cost you 20 pounds.

It is highly recommended by us and UK Government too that you make sure to apply by post because it not only makes things work smoother and faster but it also decreases the chances of errors hence avoiding any delays.

Another recommendation that we strongly make is that you should “renew UK driving licence” sometime before it expires. It decreases the pain and mental stress and you don’t have to avoid driving your own car.

We hope you enjoyed the article and found the help that you were looking for. If there is anything that you would like to clear or ask, just comment below and we would be in touch with you soon.

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