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How To Register for London Underground Wifi

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Sometimes it become very important to “register for London underground WiFi” because today we need internet almost all the times. Today’s generation is doing just about anything that there is to do using internet and with the help of their smartphones/tablets/ipads and iPhones.

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How To Register for London Underground Wifi


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But all of these devices are pretty much useless if they have no access to internet because more than half of their features are designed to help you do better thing when you are connected to the internet. Since, you are living in United Kingdom, WiFi is mostly not a problem and you get it all times.

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But until you go underground. That is where you have no access to internet and life changes hence today we have decided to show you how to register for London underground WiFi to keep enjoying internet even there.

How To Register For London Underground WiFi

We are going to use two different methods to get London underground WiFi just to make sure that all our users find it easy to follow the methods.

How To Register For London underground WiFi using Vodafone

There are some special type of people who are given access to Vodafone WiFi and they are;

  • Pay as you go customers who have a Freebee with data included.
  • Pay monthly customers who have data included in their plan, as well as a supported phone.
  • All business customers.

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How To Connect Vodafone WiFi

There are not forms that you need to fill or do some other lame stuff like that to register for London underground wifi using Vodafone. You only have be one of the above mentioned type of customer and that’s it. Now every time when you enter a WiFi enabled underground station, you will connect to it automatically considering that you WiFi is switched on.

How To Connect Vodafone WiFi

Special Note about Vodafone WiFi

They are providing service in some special underground stations which means you are not going to get it at all places. Hence, first make sure that the station that you are at supports WiFi .

Another thing is that they might control the data and you are not given the freedom to do whatever you want because if they think it is necessary then you data might be limited and controlled.

How To Register For London Underground WiFi using O2

The first thing that you need to do is register for O2 wifi .

You can do that by downloading O2 app for iOS or Android. Or register using any of thousands available hotspots of O2.

How To Register For London Underground WiFi using O2

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Once you are registered and into a station that supports WiFi , now it is the time to learn how to connect.

How To Connect London Underground WiFi Using O2

  1. For this purpose go to your WiFi settings and see the list of available networks.
  2. From the list check onto ‘Virgin Media WiFi ‘ and then once you open you browser Click on ‘O2’  WiFi and accept the terms and services.
  3. Now you are good to go and “Use London underground WiFi”.

That is how you can register for London underground WiFi and enjoy it at any time.

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