9 Top Recording Studios in London

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London has always been a place of lively heart people hence there are countless “recording studios in London”. Those recording studios in London have been providing their services for years and years now and they continue to do so for more time to come. Today we have decided to give you some of the best recording studios in London. If you are an artist or a singer than this list can be everything for you. However, if you are not then don’t go anywhere too because we got a lot of information that can be useful for you.

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Top Recording Studios in London


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9 Top Recording Studios in London

Studio # 1 : Associated Independent Recording

Studio Address: Numerous Locations in London

A studio that was originally built back in 1965 but it never remained where it started. The studio had a lot of strange history and it kept moving from one place to other in all couple of years until now. However, one thing is admired and an honest truth that this studios is among the best recording studios in London today.

Associated Recording

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Studio # 2 : Metropolis Group – Recording Studios in London

Studio Address: Powerhouse, Chiswick High Road, Chiswick

This studio is in this list of best recording studios in London because it not only has quality equipment and rich history but it has also expanded more than any other recording studio of England in last 20 years after being originally opened back in 1989. Numerous word wide known albums have been recorded right into this studio and today it is one of the very respected studios in London.

Metropolis Group


Studio # 3 : Britannia Row Studios

Studio Address: Fulham, London SW6

When this studio was being built no one knew that it was destined to stay on the face of this earth for so many decade. Pink Floyd build it back in 1975 immediately after releasing his famous album and thought he would use this studio for next album and then get rid of it.

But that never happened because he kind of fell in love with this studio and he continued to use it for years to come. And see how its destiny turned out that being built for temporary use it has lasted for nearly 40 years.

Britannia Row Studios


Studio # 4 : Abbey Road Studios

Studio Address: Abbey Road, St John’s Wood, City of Westminster, London

This studio has a great history behind it and it was originally built nearly 200 hundred years ago and it has been working for nearly 80 years now as a recording studio. At first it was also known as EMI studios. This is arguably one of the greatest recording studios in London and some of the finest in all of United Kingdom. Many albums have been recorded here and this studio has made countless little known people legends and probably the same story is going to continue as long as the studio is actively working.

Abbey Road Studios


Studio # 5 : British Grove Studios – Recording Studios in London

Studio Address: 20 British Grove, Chiswick

This is one of the most unique studios in London as it contains both modern as well as as 50 years old equipment and crazy thing is that all of the equipment is still used to create some magical combinations by mixing it with the equipment of today. Mark Knopfler is its current and he himself has released an album that was recorded into this studio and it went on to be a success.

British Grove Studios


Studio # 6 : Eel Pie Studios

Studio Address: Ranelagh Drive, Twickenham

Eel Pie studio is one of those recording studios in London that are underrated and are not given the credit that they deserve. It is true that this studio is not very popular and no it doesn’t have rich history either but the albums that have been recorded there and the equipment that it contains leave us with no choice but to add it to our list of best recording studios in London.

Eel Pie Studios


Studio # 7 : Forbidden London

Studio Address: Jermyn Street, St James’s

Forbidden London was started back in 2006 and it has done quite a lot things since then. The first album recorded here was back in 2007 and then another great was brought out two years late. This studio was nominated for an award which was for Best Entertainment by Spear’s for their Design for Living Awards 2011. Another amazing thing that it did a few years later was providing numerous jobs to a lot of young people in London.

Studio # 7 : Forbidden London - Recording Studios in London


Studio # 8 : Mayfair Studios

Studio Address: Primrose Hill, London

Mayfair studio is known like that because it was originally started in Mayfair in 1960 and for the next 15 years it was known as Sport Studios before moving to London and being known as Mayfair studios. Some of its very best recorded albums include Fade to Grey” by Visage and “Making Your Mind Up” by Bucks Fizz.

Studio # 8 : Mayfair Studios - Recording Studios in London

Studio # 9 : Olympic Studios

Studio Address: Barnes, London

Olympic Studios has been a great place for many artists and singers to record their stuff and it was re-opened in 2013. The studio has a very long but interesting history and it was started back in 1950 and was owned at that time by Angus McKenzie. Then it went into hands of different owners and had numerous ups and downs but somehow it stood the test of time and many legendary albums were recorded into this studio earning it respect and fame that it so desperately needed.

The studio is basically full of useful equipment and most singers love working in that environment and maybe that is what made this studio so popular that today it is considered one of the best recording studios in London. And that is the reason why we just added it to our list because we always do the right thing.

Studio # 9 : Olympic Studios

These are the best recording studios in London and there are no arguments about them. These recording studios in London have stood the test of time. They have seen the good times as well as the bad times and they have been there in thick or thing and that is the reason why today they are the best recording studios in London.

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