Protect your Car’s Health During Lockdown

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We are going through a pandemic which is causing us to cut down on all our extra activities by staying home and keeping ourselves safe. Not just this but the lockdown has also led to people cutting down on their expenses, be it our gym fees, shopping for cosmetics, buying new clothes or eating from outside.

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You would know better if you are living in London. You see very few people going out of their houses during this time only to keep themselves and their kids safe. Now we only see a handful of people just stepping out to get important grocery or medicines.

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One such cut down expense is driving our vehicles less frequently as we tend to stay home more. However, it is definitely safe to stay home but keeping the car engine at a halt for days might damage your car’s health. Below are some effective measures you can take by staying home in order to keep your car performing better in the coming days.

Check your battery

Keeping your car out of running for days will definitely cause the battery to get dry and get flattened. Not getting electric current from the engine might also cause corrosion on the surface of the battery. What you need to do is to start your engine at least twice a week and keep your car in running for at least 15 minutes. This will help your engine is warming up and giving power and electric current to your battery.

See if your car needs servicing

As your car has not been used for days there are high chances that many components that you might not know of are getting damaged. Therefore a complete health check of your car will be necessary. Yes, we know that it is quite a risky time to take your car out. However, if you think your car needs servicing, you can visit DAT Tyres website here. Their well-trained staff will assist you by providing excellent services.

Check wear and tear of tyres

You know that your vehicle is standing out there in the garage for days. This can cause tyre quality to suffer by causing them to flatten. In case you have parked your vehicle where tyres are exposed to sunlight, it can damage the rubber material of your tyres hence affecting the performance of your tyres. What you can do in such a situation is to cover your tyres with tyre covers or if you do not have those you can use old gardening jackets or sheets to avoid tyres from getting extreme exposure to heat. If you see that air pressure in the tyres is losing you can always use tyre pressure gadget to balance air pressure in it. Read Also: Lea Car Services.

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