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20 Top & Prettiest Streets in London 2020, UK

Best Places in London to Visit for Free

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There is afternoon tea for everyone, why don’t you grab a cup of tea accompanied with sandwiches, crumpets, scones, cake and/or biscuits?

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That’s because we are supposed to dive into coolest streets of London, may be you need to book a cab, later!

Oh I could see the crumbles down, please have your handkerchief and let’s dive into the beauty of London, from colourful streets to under-the-radar streets, just plan a morning breakfast  to a coffee shop to a pub and end your day with a nice dinner – London is open to all.

Prettiest Streets in London UK


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FUN FACT: London is a well-connected with underground so it is pretty easy to travel around the streets. Since London is rife and geographically large – there could be a need to be on your feet as well to find the best streets in London.

From music legends to fashionistas, there are lovely hotspots in London we have gathered together our top picks here.

There are so many cheerful and vibrant London streets with colourful houses to their overgrown hedges, exhibiting Londoners hues from iconic landmarks to busy thoroughfares.

I am sure you all will love these just as we do.

List of Street Names in City of London, UK

1# Kynance Mews – Prettiest Street in London

Kensington’s Kynance Mews may be the most wonderful side street in London, particularly during spring, summer, and fall. Kynance Mews has openings and dividers canvassed in ivy start to finish. Not exclusively are the dividers and opening shrouded in ivy, however the ivy hangs down and “trickles” off the divider in a mystical kind of way!

Several films have been shot on this Insta-famous street and if you are a diehard fan of Star! character Julie Andrews – let me tell you he owns a Bell Cottage, No. 13 here! It is home to many stars – from Pamela Stephenson to Susan George and so forth. Gloucester Road is the nearest tube stop to Kynance Mews. It is somewhat of a stroll to get to yet nothing strenuous in any capacity!

image source (lurotbrand)

2# Chalcot Square

Primrose Hill is an interesting and delightful London area that is loaded up with charming high lanes, nearby boutiques, bistros, and tree-lined walkways. It’s peaceful, which makes it an incredible spot to go for a morning walk, regardless of whether it was somewhat grim.

London is your oyster and primrose your limit. Chalcot Square – up in Primrose Hill – will certainly have a magnetic effect on you with its featured pretty pastel homes and peaceful garden.  Well, enough of my typical London love and addiction.

image source ( seagirll.wordpress)

3# King Street

A day in Covent Garden without visiting King Street is a waste of time. If its 4 pm and you’re wandering around for a cup of tea, do visit Mariages Freres (French interloper).

For your stay you can choose A Morgans Original at St Martins Lane – luxurious design hotel and Asia de Cuba restaurant comes highly recommended. Designer touches are everywhere, making staying here the height of sophisticated chic.

For your entertainment you can visit Linbury Theatre, Arts Theatre and Real Opera House as these are heart of Covent Garden.  Jones, the sanctuary and the shop at Bluebird are the best shopping areas around.

image source ( tripadvisor)

4# Kelly Street

Kelly street is one of the jewels and a colourful surprise tucked away at the side street of Kentish Town Road which comes with identical houses but with different colours and same balcony.  It really is a magical corner of London and a must visit area.

image source (thiscitylifelondon )

5# Elm Row

When visiting Elm Row, make sure you visit unchanged tradition drink centre – Leith Walk The Windsor – where you can enjoy gin, rum, whiskey, beer, cocktails and real ales. Its uniqueness comprising an entrance post box with double-door bricks houses and giant trees arching on the street makes it a storybook village.

image source ( vitaproperties)

6# Campden Street

One of the beautiful streets in London, consisting cluster of craft workshops and prettiest pubs that heads to Campden Street! If you keep on walking until you see a road intersection that is Road A4204, you will venture one of the best Pub in Kensington i.e. the magnificent Churchill Arms Pub. This pub is so brilliant with magnificent decorations with stunning floral arrangements and greenery all around the building.

Since Kensington is one of the finest residential places for families, you may witness the homes are very British with the brick and white exterior.

image source (winkworth )

7# Mansfield Place

Keep on moving down the road from Elm Row where it becomes Mansfield Place and following this skinny street you can see moss covered fences which adds more charm for visitors.

image source ( ravishlondon)

8# Dove Mews


Dove Mews is one of the most beautiful (secret little) place, cobbled through (old) Brampton Road and Bina Gardens. There are sixteen residential properties with colourful doors. The two and three story properties have mansard and parapet rooftop styles and plain or painted brickwork veneers. There is limited parking along the cobbled street surface and there are both unblemished and changed over carports present. The road is obstructed by bollards toward one side so no traffic can traverse on one side. There is section from three sides for pedestrians.

image source (everchangingmews )

9# St Luke’s Mews

Most European urban areas are best investigated by walking, and London is no exemption. Just in case if you are searching some adorable avenues out for yourself, you’ll discover most of mews boulevards in the Kensington and Chelsea zones. Mews houses were initially built as stables to house ponies. Manufactured overwhelmingly during the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries. Loaded up with pretty houses and trailing ivy, it’s turned out to be amazingly well known these previous couple of years-particularly because of Instagram!

image source ( everchangingmews)

10# Lancaster Road

Lancaster road is an east to west stretched road from St Luke’s road with a section leading up to Portbello Road to Ladbroke Grove ending up at Bramley Road. It is definitely a Notting Hill staple with two rows of rainbow-colored houses facing each other.

image source (pinterest )

11# Neal’s Yard

It is one of the smallest alleys but one of the most colourful little corners (even on the grey day) in London between Monmouth Street and Shorts Garden. It opens into a beautiful courtyard but it is too hidden that not many of our Londoners know about it. There are too many boutiques stores, with iconic Neal’s Yard remedies, Neal’s Yard Dairy, 26 Grains, Casanova and Daughters, Homeslice Pizza, Wild Juicery along with Wild Food Café.

Although Most Londoners are not aware of Neal’s Yard, it still has an ambience that makes you feel as though are really connected to the soul of London.

image source (klook )

12# Holland Park Mews

This one is different as compared to other mews. It is utterly brilliant and magnificent mews in the city. The prices are steep but worth it. It is near to Kyoto Garden and Holland Park. This is one of the preserved, in fact best preserved mews in London that oozes charm and houses there are classified as Level II.

image source ( everchangingmews)

13# Ebury Street

This has been notably the residential area for witty-scholar Oscar Wilde; William Downey; F.E. Smith; Terence Stamp; Vita Sackville-West and so forth. Ebury is home to beautiful shops, cute houses which makes it Instragam piece for sure. When it meets Pimlico Road, it’s an intersection which forms a triangular green due – it is also unofficially called Mozart Place/Green/Square!

Peggy Porschen Cakes is one of the best Instagram stop shop and we can see why – there is no surprises to it. It is a lovely pink building with a simple yet artistic entrance. But, that’s not the only attraction along Ebury Street! When it comes to niche restaurant La Poule au Pot is an expensive choice and Ken Lo’s Memories is worth visiting if you have luxurious taste.

Ebury Street comes with many more beautiful restaurants to visit if you keep meander the street down. This makes Ebury Street one of the most attractive London street because of the window store – these dressings are so striking. Whenever you visit it (during any season or event, especially Christmas) you will always have vibrant vibes and will see those stores decked out with cheerful faces. This street never disappoints, it has great ambiance with warm-welcoming Londoners. The Thomas Cubitt is a rare family lunch and dinner with team.


image source ( wikipedia)

14# Bywater Street

Bywater Street is a Barbie world, full of beautiful tiny cute houses. It is one of London hidden gems! Cloudy or sunny – this place will definitely bring a smile on your face and if you are a picture buddy this place is worth an instagram shot! Just make sure your camera is ready. Visit the pink house there, sit on their staircase, and grab some star bucks for a quick shot.

image source ( herhappinessproject)

15# Wardour Street in Chinatown

It is on top of our chart when it comes to our favourites streets in London – it is near the Chinatown Gate and is a one-off street in Soho, London. It runs from Leicester Square to Chinatown and acress Shaftesbury Avenue through Oxford Street. There are loads of Chinese restaurants and it is home to almost around thirty bars and restaurants. There is an architectural change here. These streets, as the name suggests, are similar to Chinese architecture and there is always something to see, do, and eat!

Wardour Street has plenty of options when it comes to shopping and has one of the best restaurants in town while Wong Kei is well-recognised! It is interesting to see a different architecture from rainbow colours home to Chinese architecture from stone lions to dragons to lanterns.

There are Chinese New Year celebrations between mid-January and February – the dates vary as per Chinese calendar.  These also include lion dances, floating parades.


image source ( flickr)

16# Westbourne Park Road

Westbourne Park Road is one of the best Instragrammable street in London. As other mews, this street has the most colourful and beautiful homes. These are one of the most photogenic streets in London. Although entire street is beautiful, if you wish to see the best homes in town it is suggested to go for Clydesdale Road (where it intersects with Westbourne Park Road). These are also featured in the Noting Hill film.

Since it is a HOT fashion bloggers spot, you have to wait for other bloggers to catch their images so you have the chance to take yours. Whilst taking pictures here, you have to refrain from taking steps onto the porch as these are individual’s homes! In order to not trespass their property it is advised to take pictures from the sidewalk or street so as to respect their privacy. Unfortunately most of the tourists negate this fact and trespass their properties which upsets the residents. Certainly you would not even want to have tourists run onto your porch or front patio for a picture. When visiting the most colourful street in London, give the respect you would want in your own home.


image source (dexters )

17# Ladbroke Gardens – Coolest Streets in London, England 

Watch up, blimey that’s one of the tallest florid stucco terrace, rising up to seven floors! Oh these have different decoration orders on each floor. Yes, these grandiose terraces in Ladbroke Gardens are that tall. Speaking of Ladbroke Gardens it runs between Kensington Park Road and Ladbroke Grove.

Best suggested hotels to stay in are double tree by Hilton London Hyde Park, Hilton London Kensington Hotel while entertainment spots are the coronet and coronet theatre and Gate theatre. The best pubs nearby are The Cowshed, Duke of Wellington and The Windsor Castle.


image source (susametcafe )

18# Osten Mews – Famous Street in London

Osten Mews is a cobbled cul-de-sac road off Emperor’s Gate. It consists of twenty-three properties, used for private and commercial purposes. The cost of a house would be approximately £350,000 and its postcode is SW7 4HW.

An interesting thing about these Mews streets and their houses is that they are literally situated only a couple of hundred yards from a busy main road, but the ambience within them is completely peaceful and tranquil.

image source ( lurotbrand)


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