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10 Most Popular Sports Events in London


When we talk about most popular sports events in London there seem to pop up a lot of sporting events that should have this place. But not all of them are as popular as they might seem at first. The list that we are going to present to you today is about the most popular sports events in London.


These events are the ones that just about anyone want to see. All people in London respect these events if they don’t love some of them. Huge gatherings take place all year around any time when one of these events are about to take place. You can take yourself to any of these events to enjoy the stuff that goes on there along with thousands of your fellow Londoners.

10 Most Popular Sports Events In London


One thing that we want to clear is that we are not taking any numbers into consideration and this list is not a ranking place. The most popular sports events in London that are listed below and hot because of their own specialties and comparing them to other events cannot be fare in any way.

10 Most Popular Sports Events in London

Sport #1 : Royal Ascot

London is a place of many Royals and that is the reason why there are special events for them every year. Royals really loved horse races and Royal Ascot is the most popular such event in entire London that takes place every year. A huge mass of people gathers there every time and entertain themselves by spending a little amount of money. You can also go there to have some fun if you have got time for that.

Royal Ascot


Sport #2 : Wimbledon

Wimbledon is one of the most popular sports events in London and also an important one for entire world. It is basically a tennis tournament that takes place in London. Thousands and thousands of people gather every year to witness this gigantic event and the crowd is nearly doubled every other year.

If you are planning to attend this event next year when it takes place it is suggested that you book for it months ahead or it might become impossible to get a proper seat for you. So do things when you can.

Sport #2 :  Wimbledon 2014


Sport #3 : Ashes Series

There is nothing more popular in London than cricket. And when it comes to cricket Ashes Cricket Series is definitely most popular sports events in London because that is the time of year when two traditional cricketing enemies collide. Those enemies are Australia and England. That is a traditional series that has been taking place for more than 100 years now and has tons of history behind it by now.

Sport #3 : Ashes Series


Sport #4 : British Grand Prix

And there is the event to pump all the beautiful and fast cars. British Grand Prix is a sports cars event that attracts thousands of people from entire United Kingdom to London to come and see the event. That is because the races are most of the time exceptional and very exciting to watch. If you don’t believe our words, attend the event by yourself next time it takes places and you will have no choice but to believe what we said.

British Grand Prix


Sport #5 : The Open

One of the major championships of professional gold is The Open and it is most popular sports events in London because of the massive crowd that it attracts and the kind of emotion that people who love golf seem to have with it. Some of the worlds best gold player participate into it and write history by doing unbelievable things here.

The Open


Sport #6 : British MotoGP

We always say that London is popular because it has something for everyone and same is the case when it comes to most popular sports events in London. They have something for golf lovers, cricket fans, car fans and now for the bike racing fans.

It is extremely exciting to watch some highly skilled people put there lives on risk by riding the fastest bikes in world and that is the exact reason why so many people show up to witness this great event.

British MotoGP


Sport #7 : FA Cup

FA Cup is an annual football championship that takes place in London and it is oldest association football competition in the world. It has been taking place for years and years and at the current moment it has legions of fans who show up every time the event takes place and they are the real reason why this event is so entertaining.

FA Cup


Sport #8 : Super Bowl

Super Bowl continues to become popular quickly and many people are now taking deep interest into it. It is already extremely popular in United States of America and now it looks like the same is going to happen to United Kingdom too considering the amount of popularity Super Bowl has now in London.


Sport #9 : The Cheltenham Festival

It looks like Londoners just love horse racing. This is because this is the second horse racing event that we are adding to the list but quite honestly we got no choice because this event cannot be ignored and we just had to include it into our list as it is one of the most popular sports events in London.


Sport #10 : Tour de France

Tour de France is a cycle racing event that takes place in different countries all around the world. Unlike normal races this event does not include a race track or a ground or something like that. This race takes place on city roads and goes for hundreds of miles. Only the toughest people survive that much of long distances and when the winner is announced we can bet that he is toughest.

Watching this event is painful sometimes as you only get to see the glimpses of racers as they pass by you. And if you want to see them constantly then you will have to travel all around the city. But still Tour de France attracts big crowds.


These are by far most popular sports events in London and they continue to become more and more popular as the time continues to pass. They have a bigger audience every year that just seems to grow and grow. We would like to hear your response about these most popular sports events in London and if you have experienced any of them kindly let the world know how it was by commenting below.

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