5 Best Places for Dating in London

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London is a crowded city and dating in London might seem haunting to some people. That’s true that most people that come in London from all parts of the world are not there for dating purposes but that doesn’t make London a bad place for dating. There are some places with stunning beauty for “dating in London”.

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Best Places for Dating In London


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Even though giving dating tips is not what we do over at London Beep we still care about our readers. And that is no-brainier that many of our readers are dating and actually wondering where to go for dating in London. Well, that issue is going to be resolved right now. Today we have created a list of “places for dating in London” where you can take your dream girl to make memories that last for ever in hearts. Here we go.

5 Best Places for Dating in London

Place # 1 : Visit A Zoo

You might be surprised to know that girls like Zoo very much and are mostly in good mood than ever. Hence, it can not only help you make your girl happy but you can also have some good conversations about your future and how you both are going to face different situations in life. We highly recommend going there.

Place # 1 : Visit A Zoo


Place # 2 : London Bridge – Places for Dating in London

Most people find it a daunting task to even go there alone and we are talking about going there with your girl on a date? Yes, we are. London Bridge stays crowded almost all times except in early morning between 4-5:30 because that is a time when Londoners just love to sleep and you won’t find many people hanging around in the street, leaver London Bridge alone.

Hence, it will be pretty romantic for you to go to such remarkable place while you walk around and talk to each other. Just make sure that you go early morning or the whole experience might be ruined.

Place # 2 : London Bridge - Places for Dating in London

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Place # 3 : The Electric cinema

Only in case that there is some romantic or at least something that your girl would like is to be played, The Electric Cinema is a good place to go. That is because you not only have some good stuff to look at but you also get a lot of time to talk and know each other.

Place # 3 : The Electric cinema


Place # 4 : The Shard – Places for Dating in London

Something very similar to London Bridge is The Shard except it is much higher. This place has probably hosted more dates in entire London compared to all other places because it gives you the best view you can have in entire city. A must-go-to place.

Place # 4 : The Shard - Places for Dating in London

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Place # 5 : Hyde Park

One of the best things that you can do for dating in London and spending some real quality time is to find a lonely place but still beautiful. That immediately brings boats in our mind. You can hire one of them and surf around in pleasant beautiful water while telling each other about your feelings and anything else that you find interesting to talk about. The great thing is that there would be no one and we mean no one at all to interrupt you in anyway.

Place # 5 : Hyde Park

These are the “best places for dating in London” with little money in your pockets. These places provide good entertainment as well as they result in sweet long lasting memories. Make sure to let us know your feelings about these places.

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