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5 Best Affordable Personal Trainer London 2019 UK

Personal Trainers in London City, UK

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You must have planned many times during this year to join the gym so that you can get your body in to a proper shape. Many of you might have also paid the membership fee of your local area gym but you never got the time or motivation to actually go there and workout right?

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Well, this is not something that is only happening with you, we all are victims of this lack of motivation and low self-esteem but you don’t need to worry anymore. What you need is a “personal trainer London” who will not listen to any of your excuses and will always be on your back to motivate you for working out.

5 Best affordable Personal Trainer London


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Being a person who spends most of his time working in front of his computer, I can totally understand your frustration. Within the time span of last two years, I also gained a lot of weight but then I realized that if I will not change my routine, my life will become a misery. Working to make money is one thing but working out to make your body fit is something that we all need to be doing in our lives. I also found a personal trainer London for myself and from that day, my life was totally transformed. You should also find a personal trainer that can help you stay fit and learn new things in life.

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We are going to tell you about some “best personal trainer London” specialists who are at the top of their field. Once you will start working under the guidance of one of the following personal trainer London, you will see yourself making progress in a short period of time and by the end of 2014, most of you will have achieved their goals.

5 Best affordable Personal Trainer London 2019

 # 1 : Nick Mitchell

If you want to work out on weights and create a better body balance with weight resistance then Nick Mitchell is your guy. You must have heard about Ultimate Performance Personal Training Gym, well Nick is the head of this institution. Nick is very blunt and bold when it comes to workout. He accepts that if he needs to be friends with a client, he becomes one but when it comes to serious work out, he is never polite with anyone. According to him, working out is not a spa experience so you should not expect any politeness or tenderness from me.

If you are the one who wants to transform his entire body and become physically fit then you definitely need to attend at least one session with Nick. He offers very extreme workouts and these workout routines will totally transform your body, provided you carry on doing workout even without him. The dumbbells in his gym are the heaviest dumbbells in entire London. Need I mention that his workouts are the hardest workouts in London too? If you want one-to-one training from Nick, you can set an appointment and one session will cost you £130.

Website :

Nick Mitchell Personal Trainer London

# 2 : Marianne Marston aka Golden Girl

Learning about boxing and circuits is never fun but when you are being trained by a beautiful blonde trainer like Marianne, you are always the first one to reach at the training session. She is a professional boxer and obviously, she has got some great cards under her sleeve that she will be happily willing to show you once you get a session with her. She is still competing in different championships around the world but still she manages to takeout time from her busy routine and teach others about boxing and circuits. Participating in championships is important for her profession but her passion is to teach those who want to learn about boxing.

She is also known as the Golden Girl in boxing world and it must give you an idea about how good she is at boxing. She may look gorgeous but that pretty face will never let you relax even for a second once you are in the training session. Those people who have always wanted to train for boxing and circuits should attend her training session at least for once in their lifetime. Since you are looking for a “personal trainer London”, she hold one-to=one sessions and that will cost you £55 for one hour and £35 for a 30 minute session. These prices are for members. If you are not a member, a one hour session will cost you £65 and a 30 minute session will cost you £45.

Website :

Personal Trainer # 2 : Marianne Marston aka Golden Girl

# 3 : Elliot Bodman

So how many of you want to learn how to dance? Dancing is considered as one of the best workout routines because not only you are making your entire body move, burning a lot of calories and stretching your muscles but at the same time, you are having a lot of fun. The learning experience during dancing is so amazing and especially when you are being trained by a person like Elliot Bodman, you never want to leave the training session. Those who have always wanted to learn how to dance but they never had any personal trainer London to teach them this skill should set an appointment with Elliot.

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He is a true dancing pro who has been in this fields since like a lifetime now. Not only he teaches dance to his students but he is also a backing dancer at The X Factor. He is also a choreographer and most of his dance routines are choreographed by himself. Working with him is so much fun because he is really a funny and hilarious guy. Not only he will make you work really hard but he will also keep you laughing during the practice as well. This makes one-to-one dancing lesson from Elliot a lot of fun. You can get a one-to-one tuition from him that will cost you only £50 per hour.

Website :

Elliot Bodman Personal Trainer London

# 4 – Phil Learney – Personal Trainer London

If you are not into any particular type of exercise and you want to become some sort of all-rounder when it comes to workout then you need to get training from Phil Learney. This guy is simply amazing, he has trained himself into different types of workout routines that involve Yoga, Gymnastic, Weight Training, Body Building and Weight Lifting. He plays national rugby and if you don’t know much about him, let me tell you that he plays the county cricket as well. When it comes to physical training, he loses all his charm and becomes that hard like a stone person who will never listen to any of your excuse, it doesn’t matter how much pain you are feeling while working out, Phil will motivate you enough to go an extra mile very easily.

Those who want to lose extra weight or fat in their body in a least possible time should definitely consult with Phil because he has the record of losing maximum fat in the leas possible time. This guy is not only a motivator but an inspiration for all those people who want to become physically active and fit. Having a fit body that can stretch into any direction is the dream and Phil can definitely help you make your dream come true.

One-to-one personal training session with Phil will cost you only £50/ hour.

Website :

Phil Learney Personal Trainer London

 # 5 – Jamie Heseltine – Best Personal Trainer London City

This lady may look beautiful and gorgeous but when it comes to Yoga training, she loses all her charm and stands at your back until you are done with entire exercise routine of the day. I know that you have always wanted to work out and make your body fit but the thought of hard work and sweat has always kept you at a distance from gym and yoga classes. Jamie is here to help you out whenever you need to stretch. Since you are not working out, your body is in a tense state and it will not be easy for you to stretch your muscles on your own. In such situation, you need mentoring from a coach like Jamie Heseltine.

Not only she trains her students at her own facility but she also travels around entire London to reach her client’s home and teach them Yoga lessons at their place. She is really a nice lady but when she makes you work out, she never listens to any of your excuses and it doesn’t matter if you are feeling like working out or not, she will make you work out in any condition. A 90 minute yoga session with Jamie will cost you only £55 and she will come to your home for this yoga session.

Website :

Jamie Heseltine Personal Trainer London

All above discussed personal trainers are expert in their respective field and getting training from any of them will change your life forever. Of course, one-to-one session from them costs a lot but when you look at the life changing results, this is not a huge investment at all.

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