PCI London 2014 – 23rd January – United kingdom


PCI London is considered to be largest and popular event in London. Basically, PCI London is the largest event in London of payment risk and different security professionals who are tasked with different systems of securing payments, securing the cardholder data and meeting the different requirements of PCI DSS. PCI London is getting very popular worldwide because of different key themes.


PCI London


Now the question is that what are the main key themes of PCI London? Well, the important key themes of PCI London are as follows:

· Firstly, this international event protects the card holder data from different advanced adversaries.

· Secondly, PCI London deploying the holistic approach in order to manage risk as well as delivering value.

· Thirdly, PCI London also finds the right and correct balance between security controls as well as experience of customer payment.

· Moreover, PCI London also maintains the compliance programs according to the requirements and different leveraging developments.

· Lastly, PCI London taking the right advantage of different trends like mobile payments, digital wallets and securing the sensitive data.

PCI London 2014 Date

23rd January 2014

Venue: London

PCI London 2014

Like previous years, this year as well “PCI London 2014” will be held on 23rd January. This time, it is the eight year that this event will be held on a grand scale. This event provides the complete practical guidance along with the combinations of strategic skills as well as technical breakout sessions. This market leading and international event is ideal for those people who want to get extensive knowledge with new and existing peers. Finally, we can say that PCI London is truly an international and mega event worldwide. So, if you want to attend this event then you should visit London on 23rd January 2014.

PCI London 2014 Website

PCI London 2014 Website

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