9 Best Outdoor Cinemas in London

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London is capital of England which is the reason why it is always so much crowded but it is also a place for entertainment and there are numerous “outdoor cinemas in London” just for that purpose, just to make people have fun. It is always great to watch blockbuster movies with your closed ones while you eat your favourite snacks but things can be spiced up even more by going to some outdoor cinemas in London to see the movies in open air.

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 Outdoor Cinemas in London


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That gives you a totally different experience as compared to what you get to feel in home cinema or indoor cinemas. Today we have decided to show you the best outdoor cinemas in London to go for watching your favourite movies during this summer. The cinemas that we are going to list below continuously air different amazing movies and they are going on almost all time of year which means you can be there any time you want to. Some cinemas re however closed in winter.

9 Best Outdoor Cinemas in London

Outdoor Cinema # 1 : Everyman: The Power of Summer

Cinema Location: Footpath beneath Grosvenor Bridge , SW8 4NN

Upcoming 3 Movies:

  • Aliens Jul 29 18:30
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Jul 31 18:30
  • An American Werewolf in London Jul 31 21:00

This is a grand place for movie lovers and plus see the next movies that they are about to play. They are all awesome. If you like any one of these movies then it is time to get yourself to this outdoor cinema and enjoy the moments.

Everyman The Power of Summer


Outdoor Cinema # 2 : Rooftop Film Club: Peckham Rye

Cinema Location: 133 Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST

Upcoming 3 Movies:

  • The Motorcycle Diaries Jul 25 21:00
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Jul 26 21:00
  • The Notebook Jul 29 21:00

Talk about the comfortable and lavish chairs along with a beautiful place to sit plus amazing movies being played on the screen and this is the place to go. They have gained popularity quickly and they always have all chairs full when they air movies hence make sure you get your tickets extra early to make sure you don’t miss any movies you love.

Rooftop Film Club Peckham Rye


Outdoor Cinema # 3 : Hot Tub Cinema

Cinema Location: 10-14 Hewett Street, London EC2A 3NN

Upcoming Movie: Dirty Dancing Jul 24 18:30-

Now obviously this is not a place to go with family but still an amazing one. They are unique in their own way and that is what helps them stand out of the crowded cinema market on London. they are considered one of the best outdoor cinemas in London because here you sit in water tubs instead of chairs along with some strangers in semi-naked position and enjoy the movie.

Hot Tub Cinema


Outdoor Cinema # 4 : The Luna Cinema

Cinema Location: Various Venues

Upcoming 3 Movies:

  • The Big Lebowski Aug 3 19:30 @ One New Change
  • Back to the Future Aug 6 19:00 @ Kensington Palace
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s Aug 7 19:00 @ Kensington Palace

This Cinema is like no other. Unlike all those outdoor cinemas in London this one us mobile. That means it continues to travel from one place to other and from one city to another city giving numerous people the opportunity to come and see the great movies. Moving around in different cities has given it popularity like no other and it continues to be one of the best outdoor cinemas in London.

The Luna Cinema

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Outdoor Cinema # 5 : Floating Cinema

Cinema Location: Canals in Hackney

The people of this cinema have also taken help of uniqueness to attract more people towards them. As the name suggests very well this cinema is a floating cinema which travels in canals while you sit along with hundreds of other people watching some blockbuster movie.

Floating Cinema


Outdoor Cinema # 6 : The Nomad

Cinema Location: Various Venues

Upcoming 3 Movies:

  • Hairspray Aug 13 19:30 @ Coram Secret Garden
  • The Goonies Aug 14 19:30 @ Coram Secret Garden
  • Jurassic Park Aug 16 19:30 @ Queen’s Park

This one is also a moving cinema that keeps moving around helping people to see amazing movies. The reason why it attracts so many people is because it reaches to them and they don’t have to travel much in order to be able to get to The Nomad to see the movies. That is what makes it unique and different than most outdoor cinemas in London.

The Nomad


Outdoor Cinema # 7 : Backyard Cinema

Cinema Location: Camden Lock Place (off Chalk Farm Rd) , NW1 8AF

Upcoming 3 Movies:

  • The LEGO Movie Jul 24 21:00
  • Cruel Intentions Jul 30 21:00
  • From Dusk til Dawn Jul 31 21:00

This cinema started as a backyard project and it is still in backyard and that is the reason why it is named as such. It has the facility to show a movie to 200 people sitting in very comfortable chairs. It has also somehow made itself different from others and that is what has made it popular.

backyard cinema


Outdoor Cinema # 8 : Pop Up Screens

Cinema Location: Various Venues

Do you know why it is named like that? This is because that is what it does. It pops up in every other corner of London entertaining numerous people on regular basis. The reason why we made sure it was included into our list is because it is one of the cheapest outdoor cinemas in London that you are likely to visit. So if you are scared of your budget then this place can give you entertainment without making your pockets empty.

Pop Up Screens

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Outdoor Cinema # 9 : Dalston Roof Park

Cinema Location: Print House ,18 Ashwin St, London E8 3DL

If you love to sit in comfortable place in peace where no one distracts you while you are having some good time watching some great movie that you like this is the place that you should make sure you visit. This is because they not only have a very good atmosphere to watch movies but they also play some really cool movies that some other outdoor cinemas in London lack.

Dalston Roof Park

These are by far the “best outdoor cinemas in London” and if you love having fun under open sky then there might just be no better place for you. Go to any one of them where your favourite movie is going to be aired and have fun. Let us know about your experience though.

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