How To Order UK Birth Certificate Online

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Birth certificate is required on more places than most people think and that is the reason why you may want to “order UK birth certificate”. UK birth certificate is a certificate that confirms that you are legally a United Kingdom citizen and you have all the right that UK citizen deserves.

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How To Order UK Birth Certificate Online


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Many people find small things such as ordering UK birth certificate complicated and they need to be guided properly and that’s why we are here. Today we are going to show you how to order UK birth certificate and complete the documents that you are willing to complete. It is easy and without any complications. Just bear with us for a few minutes and it would be clear. This is how to order UK birth certificate.

How To Order UK Birth Certificate Online

Before you start the process we want to tell you that this would cost you a little bit of money and you are going to need your debit or credit card near you to pay. There are not any documents that you will need to submit unlike applying for Visas of passport.

The money that UK birth certificate would cost you is £9.25. We are going to show you the online method to get the job done. And this method requires you to have an account General Register Office’s official website or you will not be able to order UK birth Certificate.

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Special note for births outside of United Kingdom

If the person whose birth certificate you want was born outside of United Kingdom, you won’t be able to order UK birth certificate immediately. This is because you are going to have to wait till the September of that year because that’s when you would get the copies from General Register Office.

However if you are in real emergency and you want to get the job done immediately, you can send your details along with payment to Foreign and Commonwealth Office and then you might be able to “order UK birth certificate quickly”.  In such case, send you documents to the address below along with the payment.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Room K4.9
King Charles Street

Now that those things are out of the way, this is how you can order UK birth certificate online.

How To Order UK Birth Certificate

  1. Get your credit card/debit card in your hand and open up your browser.
  2. Go to this page.
  3. Pay them their fee and go on to the rest of process.
  4. This process is not long and you won’t be asked much questions.
  5. Once all things completed, click submit.
  6. You should get UK birth certificate in 1 working week.

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That is how simple it is to order UK birth certificate online. You can also order it using post method but online method is quick and it also reduces the chances of any mistakes and that’s why we are strongly suggesting you to use this way. We hope you liked the post and it was helpful for you. Keep coming back for more awesome stuff like this. Sharing is caring.

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