New Landmark achieved by London Blackfriars Bridge

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One of the breaking hot news at the end of January 2014, that Blackfriars Bridge of great London city has now become the largest solar system in the world. This bridge is the part of the Blackfriars Station.

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This solar system is backed by the Solarcentury co, which is one of the top leading companies, which makes solar systems. Solarcentury has offices in all major countries of Europe. In 1998, Solarcentury came into the market. Now, it has rewarded as many awards in the solar industry.

London Blackfriars Bridge


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Talking about the construction of this great bridge, it consists of 4400 photovoltaic panels, which will help to reduce CO2 emission of this station 563 tons per year. According to Scientists, it will produce enough energy to make 80 thousand cups of coffee.

Blackfriars Bridge solar system is the part of development of victorious Blackfriars station, which already consists of 4 platforms, plus an underground platform as well. Estimated expense buried for this project is round about 10 billion US dollars.

Blackfriars Bridge System is actually the array of 250-wattpeak panels, which is now become the largest array in the world. Arrangement of these solar panels is very complex with modern infrastructure. Total area covered with these solar panels is app 20 thousand square feet. Its max estimated o/p power is 1.1-megawatt peak, and it is expected to produce 9 million kWh electricity per year. Wow, it is unbelievable news.

SolarcentruyHead says about this solar system, “It is great addition in the railway bridge system, because it adds not only awesome view to London sky line, plus it gives the great infrastructure to other complex solar engineer projects.”

Although, it is an operational project, still there are some issues regarding strength of this solar bridge. Some agencies are researching on the issues, which can affect this structure in future.


Black Friday Deals

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