How To do Nail Art at Home 2018, UK


There are many women who wants to know that “how to do nail art at home”! Well getting the nail art at home is one of the excellent and best things because it will going to allow the women and teenage girls to add it up with their own creative and unique designs as well. By looking inside the fashion market you will be finding so many amazing and simple nail designs.

How To do Nail Art at Home

How To Do Nail Art At Home

Do you want to know how to do nail art at home?

Main Items For Nail Art at Home:

  1. One base coat
  2. One top coat
  3. You should be making the use of any two nail paints of your own choice.
  4. One white polish
  5. Easy to apply dotting tool or a toothpick

Steps For How To Do Nail Art at Home:

  1. In the very beginning of the method you should prepare the nails with the help of filing them up.
  2. You should be pushing away all the cuticles in the company of the help of an orange stick and then you should buff the nails. It is to be mentioned that be sure about the fact that there is no single moisture left inside the nails.
  3. Now in the next step you will going to apply the base coat. You can even undertake with the second application too as the first coating gets dry. Now just make the application of the pink polish and purple polish on top of ring finger. You should repeat this two times.
  4. Now take the help of the purple color nail paint and then stroke it in diagonal position by the way of taking from the left side of the nail.
  5. You should even be filling up the nails that are all highlighted below the diagnol side.
  6. You just have to repeat away all the strokes from the right side as well.
  7. You should allow for the few minutes so that the application of the first coating gets dry.
  8. In the next step you will going to make the use of the toothpick and then you have to dip it in the white nail paint. This will going to be used for the sake of making the big dots on top of the nails.
  9. Now in the end for the sake of adding the whole design with the classiness you should make the use of some nail paints as well. This will going to make the whole nail paint attractive looking.

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So this was the simple method that will make you learn that how to do nail art at home! Isn’t the method simple and easy to try?  Well if yes then without wasting any more time start following the steps mentioned in this method and we are sure that by the end of the day you will going to successfully get the amazing nail design at home!