Mother’s Day 2014 London


Here we will discuss the introduction and importance of Mother’s Day 2014 London. Well, Mother’s Day in London is held annually on 30 March. This special day celebrates motherhood and it is the best time to appreciate your mothers and their efforts. On this special day, children give special gifts, flowers and cards to their mothers. Now the question is that what children do on Mother’s Day? Well, many children send beautiful cards and gifts to their mothers and mother figures. The most common and best gifts on Mother’s Day are flowers, clothing items, jewellery, candies etc. We would like to mention that Mother’s Day is not considered to be a federal holiday.

Mother's Day 2014 London

Mother’s Day 2014 London

Now, for our readers we want to discuss the brief background of Mother’s Day. We would like to mention that the origins of Mother’s Day are totally attributed to many people. Mostly people strongly believe that two women named as Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis were very important for introducing the tradition of Mother’s Day. In 1907, Anna Jarvis introduced or held special “Mother’s Day” in the memory of her mother. With the passage of time, this special day is getting very popular in the whole world. Today, Mother’s Day is becoming a special day that completely focuses for recognizing the mother’s efforts and other roles of mother figures. These days, this special day is getting very popular for all the children worldwide.

Date: Sunday,  30 March 2014

On the whole after discussing the importance and history of Mother’s Day it is easy to conclude that it is considered to be best day for all the children and mothers in the whole world. Like previous years, Mother’s Day 2014 will be celebrated on 30 March 2014. So celebrate this day special by making mind blowing preparations for your mother.