Best London Monuments & Statues with Photos 2020 UK

List of Famous Monuments in London

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The history of London is rich and very old (about 50 AD old). A person who is visiting London will found this city jammed with so many impressive statues and monuments. London has suffered from many wars, had Kings, Queen and may formal personalities of the World who visited, born or stayed in London.

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Best London Monuments & Statues with Photos UK


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The city has been the capital of the world for many years as well. For a person with limited time, it may be difficult to see all statues and monuments the first time. So, here we are looking for the only best and must to visit monuments and statues of the London city to understand a bit about the stories behind them:

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Best London Monuments & Statues with Photos 2020 UK

Photo Credit by Notting Hill Bike Tours

London’s Statues and Monuments

Monuments and Status in London including Battle of Britain Monument,Animals in War Memorial,Nelson’s Column, Winston Churchill Statue, Peter Pan Statue, Wellington Arch, Boadicea Monument, Statue of Eros (Anteros),Nelson Mandela Statue,Shakespeare Monument,Duke of Wellington Statue, Abraham Lincoln: The Man,Wellington Monument (Achille’s Statue),Charles Statue

RAF Bomber Command

It was unveiled in 2012 by Queen in the memories of those 56,000+ aircrews who lost their lives in World War 2.

Trafalgar Square lions

It is the identity of the city. Its represent the British Empire and name after Admiral Nelson. It was sculpted by Edwin Landseer.

King George IV

It is located in Trafalgar Square and this statue was made in the memory of Worst Britain King.

Women of World War II

This is another World War 2 Monument which was unveiled in 2005 in the memory of those women who worked during the war and fought along with men.

Thomas Thornycroft’s Boudica and Her Daughters

It is one of the oldest statues of the city which was created in 1885 by Thomas Thornycroft. It took him 30 years to create this.

That’s not it; the other status and popular memorial of the London included the names like Battle of Britain Monument, Cenotaph, Queen Victoria and Albert Memorial, Winston Churchill Status and Peter Pan Statue, etc.

If you are visiting any of them, don’t just take the photos of these places but also read the connected history to get inspired and touch with the history of London.

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