Miss USSR UK 2014 – Beauty pageant among ladies from ex-USSR countries in the UK

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Everyone around the world is a great fond of beauty and no one would refuse to know, meet and talk about beautiful women. However, reaching and meeting with one of those famous and beautiful faces, that have been selected in any beauty contest is a bit difficult for everyone around the world. But still they can discover the new face that would be the next lady that they would elect for Miss Universe and Miss World respectively.

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The Miss USSR UK is a very famous show among people living in UK and for those who belongs to Russian federation or any other USSR country. There is a great hype about this show and so many people are just so much curious about casting their vote for the face they like or to whom they are supporting to be the next “Miss USSR UK 2014“.

Miss USSR UK 2014


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Connotation of Miss USSR UK 2014:

You might be thinking that what the logic behind this mixed name is. That confuses anybody who read or heard about it for the first time. The mystery is quite simple, This show focuses those contestants who are living in United Kingdom but they belongs to one of USSR countries and want to be the next beautiful face that presents their country in the world. So this is the reason they gave it a name of Miss USSR UK.

History of Miss USSR UK Pageant:

The show has been organized since 1992 and haunts the latest and most beautiful fresh face to present before the world and then these contestants take part in Miss Universe and Miss World to present their country. However they are working on this objective actively since 1992 but year 1994, 2000 and 2008 were not in the list when they organized their show to elect Miss USSR UK.

Process of Selection and Participation:

The process is quite simple and open for any contestant that is willing to participate in this contest. Just send your online application along with your photos and bio. They will select the most relevant contestants that have the promising face in photo casting round. And then there would be an online voting session for general public to vote for their most favorite contestants. On the behalf of online voting results, they would choose their semi finalist on country level (ex: Miss Russia, Miss Belarus etc) and then all those semi finalists would participate in final round to contest in Miss USSR UK 2014.

Participant Countries:

There are 15 countries that can participate in this contest that have been described below:

Russia                   Ukraine                Belarus                 Latvia

Lithuania              Estonia                                 Moldova              Kazakhstan

Armenia               Azerbaijan          Kirgizstan             Georgia

Uzbekistan         Tajikistan             Turkmenistan

Senior Judge and Ambassador of Miss USSR UK 2014:

The show has a jury consisting of 7 more renowned celebrities from the fashion industry and Maria Pogrebnyak is the senior judge and ambassador among them. Rest of the judges names are as follows:

  • Arkady Novikov
  • Dj Smash
  • Ekaterina Buraya
  • Masha Tsigal
  • Mira Anafina
  • Alena Kochetkova

Current Activity:

The contest for the running year 2014 has already started and you can vote for your favorite contestant on the official website. Just visit their contestant page and vote for your most appealing and promising face that you want to be the next Miss USSR UK 2014 and want to see them in Miss World and Miss Universe beauty contests respectively.

Miss USSR UK 2014 Website

Miss USSR UK 2014 Website

Miss USSR UK Social Media

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