5 Best Million Pound Properties in London 2015


Million pound properties in London are more in number numerous other cities. It should not come as a surprise to us because London is among the most popular cities in world which brings it a lot of well deserving attention from students and tourists from all over the world. These people from other parts of world are a big reason for London’s popularity, success and money. Today we are going to look on some of the most unbelievable places in this city with worth that only few people in whole world can afford.


Million Pound Properties in London 2015


It doesn’t matter if you can afford these houses or not because reading about them is going to be a lot of fun anyways. Lets see what list has to offer.

5 Best Million Pound Properties in London 2015

#1. Everything Under One Roof

This single house provides you with gym, entertainment and much more than a normal house can. What makes this house stand out is the fact that it is built for families to live and not just for fancy rich individuals which makes it best piece of land to own if you are planning to move in along with your family.

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#2. The Underground Beauty

If you are into underground houses than this is probably the best one you’ll find around in London. It has a huge section of it underground which has some fancy things for you to make your life more enjoyable then ever.

The best part of this house is its location because everyone around is civilized which makes living in this place even more comforting knowing that there won’t be any thieves running into your house while you are having fun with family or friends outside.

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#3. Heaven For Church Lovers – Million Pound Properties in London

If you are one of those people who give religion and money the same value in this world then there can’t be a better place to live then with church in neighbourhood.  A beautifully built house with 3 bedrooms and a charming garden is what it is along with bells of church everyday.

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#4. A House Of Dream

You can’t dream any bigger than that because this house has everything one can imagine. Open space, nicely built, beautiful design and all.  Plus it has some phenomenal space for you to spend moments of your leisure in a comfortable open air environment.

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#5. Only For The Richest

If you are not among the riches people in all of London then this house is too far from your grasp because it stands at an astounding 65 million pounds price. But it offers some great comforts such as unmatchable view of Hyde Park.

These were some stunning million pound properties in London. There are many other places too that can make a human being forget that he is part of the world as they feel like something from outside this universe but we kept our focus only on most important ones.

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