Mike Doughty Is Performing Live In London!


Michael R. “Mike” Doughty is an amazing and magical singer as well as song writer was born in born June 10, 1970 plus he is also a great author. Michael R founded his band Soul Coughing in the year 1990s, and in the year 2015’s Stellar Motel, has launched his 17 live albums, studio albums, all and EPs, since the year 2000.


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He spend most of his teenage life living on the Military Academy grounds of US at west point then he came to NYC at his age of 19 to study at the New school where singer as well as songwriter Ani DiFranco was met him. Mike Doughty is going to perform at the Underbelly in London, United Kingdom on Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 7:00 PM.

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