Are Medical Revision Courses good value for Money?


The educational requirements for a successful medical career are extensive, challenging and expensive. Before a medical student can embark on their exciting and lucrative medical career, they must first get through the gruelling curriculum, training, placements and exams.

Medical Revision Courses UK 2015

Today many aspiring medical professionals are looking to medical revision courses to help to ready themselves for things such as finals, ST interviews and MRCP preparations. These courses are widely available on and offline and vary in cost.

There are some long-standing and respected medical revision course providers, but are these courses worth the money you will be spending? Below we discuss the pros and cons of paying for a medical revision course.

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There are some arguments against paying for “medical revision courses” although their relevance will vary between medical students.?

Students are already provided with study materials from their classes

Perhaps the most common argument against medical revision courses is that the student already has the study material they need from their classes.Why pay additional money for a medical revision course when you can utilise the notes from your lectures?

Most medical schools offer study assistance programs

In most medical schools, the faculty and/or students have organised some type of study assistance programs for students. These study groups are usually free of charge, whereas medical revision courses are not.

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Doctors and seasoned medical professors design the courses

Throughout your medical education you will be flooded with an ocean of necessary information related to your chosen field of practice. The majority of medical revision courses available have been designed by doctors and professors with an experienced knowledge of what tocan expect from finals and ST interviews. Theycan present the curriculum in a clear and precise manner, and advise you on the best method of study to prepare effectively.

Simply knowing that you are on the right track preparation-wise will send you into any exam or interview with a confidence that will help you to stay focused and relaxed.

Practice tests

Along with a breakdown of the important curriculum points, most reputable medical revision courses provide practice tests.Not only will these give you an idea of what to expect, they will also determine where your strength and weaknesses lie, allowing course instructors to help you focus on the areas of your study that require the most attention.

Individual learning styles

Not everyone absorbs information the same way. People of equal intelligence often score differently on tests due to how each student is able to process and store information. Medical school lessons are often delivered in a very general and generic way. Medical revision courses, on the other hand, offer a more personalised approach to teaching, allowing students to surpass learning curves much faster and with less frustration.

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What are a few extra pounds when it can increase your chances of success?

Any aspiring doctor who has the slightest lack of confidence in their readiness for their tests, exams or interviews can get good value for money out of a medical revision course. Especially when you consider the money that can be lost if your desired medical career is delayed or made unattainable as a result of not meeting the educational requirements graduating.