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Best Makeup Schools for Makeup Courses 2019 London, UK


Taking care of your skin beauty and grooming is a part of every day’s life. Especially when you are living in a city like London, it becomes essential to take care of your skin and if possible, find some good “makeup courses London” too. There are two main reasons for which a person would want to know about makeup courses London. One, you want to open up your own beauty parlor and Two, you want to take care of your skin in a better way.


Best Makeup Schools for Makeup Courses London


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Whatever reason you have in your mind to “find makeup courses in London”, the good news is, there are a lot of institutes that are offering these courses. All you have to do is find the right institute, enroll in their makeup course and pass out with a certificate/ diploma. You can use this this certificate to get a job in any beauty parlor around UK or you can even open up your own beauty parlor too.

Best Makeup Schools for Makeup Courses London

Below, you will find information about some of the best makeup courses London schools that are available in the capital city.

# 1 : The London Best School of Beauty & Makeup 2019

When it comes to largest beauty schools in London that are operating privately, the name of London School of Beauty & Makeup definitely comes into mind. This is the largest privately operating beauty school in London city. They are offering exclusive courses in which beauty training, grooming tips and special techniques are taught to students. Not only they have got the services of in-house trainers, but they also invite freelance makeup artists, lecturers and trainers from all over the world to deliver lectures and held training sessions in their institute.

The London School of Beauty & Makeup

Their mission is to provide highest level of makeup education to their students. They not only train their students to become good makeup artists but they train them to become perfectionists. The quality of their courses is the main reason why most of their graduates can easily find a job in the industry.

They pay special attention to each and every student so that his/ her skills can be nourished and polished in the right way. This makeup courses London school was established in 1995 and not only their awarded certificates are recognized in the UK but in all other countries of the world as well. They have partnered with leading brands in the market to bring latest products in their school and let their students practice on those products instead of using the old fashioned techniques.

Address: 18-19 Long Ln, London EC1A 9PL

Phone: 020 7776 9767

London School Of Beauty & Make Up Map

Website :

Makeup Courses London # 1 : The London School of Beauty & Makeup

# 2 : Best London Makeup School, UK

Another trusted name in the industry of “makeup courses London” is London Makeup School. This school has been around for a long time now and they offer professional training courses to all their students. Students from all parts of the capital city and country come to this school to get makeup and makeover training.

Makeup Courses London - London Makeup School

There is no doubt that London Makeup School is one of the leading schools in the industry. They are also considered as the most progressive training school that always incorporates latest training modules for its students so that they can meet the industry standards. The classes are taught by professional makeup artists who have years of experience in this field. Along with that, they also invite many famous artists from all over the world to give guidelines and recommendations to their students as well.

Learning makeup courses London from this school is definitely a privilege for any student. It is not that easy to get enrolled in this makeup school but once you do, you come out as a professional makeup artist who is ready to work at any scale without feeling challenged. The good thing about London Makeup School is that, they only enroll 5 students in one class. This way, each student can get proper attention of the trainer and they also get enough time to learn about makeup.

Address : 155 Curtain Road London EC2A 3QY

London Makeup School Map

Phone: 0207 993 8101


Website :

Makeup Courses London # 2 : London Makeup School

# 3 : The London School of Makeup – Best Makeup Courses London, UK

As per their website, the London School of Makeup offers the most comprehensive and artistry makeup classes to their students. They claim to be the “best makeup courses London school” but one can only get an idea once getting enrolled in one of their courses. The school was established by Mostyn Barnard who has more than 30 years of experience in makeup industry and who is also the Managing Director and Founder of London Esthetique which is known as The London School of Beauty & Makeup. Since this school is run and managed by such a great person with more than quarter century experience of makeup industry, you can imagine what level of makeup education will be offered in this institute.

Makeup Courses London # 3 : The London School of Makeup

The location of the school is quite fabulous as it is located in central London which means, students find it easy to reach the school and leave for their homes. Not only students from London take admission in courses offered by London School of Makeup but students from all parts of the world come here to study makeup artistry in this school.

Address: 11 John Princes Street – London, W1G 0JR

Tel: 020 7499 5771

The London School of Makeup Map

Website :

Makeup Courses London # 3 : The London School of Makeup

# 4 : Top Academy of Freelance Makeup in London

The Academy of Freelance Makeup is an international organization that is running its makeup courses school in London, New York and Paris. If you have the dream to work in makeup industry and make a good name for yourself then Academy of Freelance Makeup can be your doorstep to that success. All you have to do is jump onto the train, get enrolled in your favorite makeup courses London by AOF makeup and start rising in your career as a makeup artists.

 Academy of Freelance Makeup

Address : 63 Dean Street – London W1D 4QG

Phone : 020 7434 4488

Academy of Freelance Makeup Map

Website :

Makeup Courses London # 4 : Academy of Freelance Makeup

A lot of makeup courses are offered by Academy of Freelance Makeup and since this is an international name, famous makeup artists from all over the world come here deliver their lectures.

You will get to learn a lot of cool stuff but most importantly, you will come out as a successful makeup artist who can make a good name in the world.

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