How To Make London Bridge Model

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There are things that just define something. Like that Eiffel Tower of Paris and White House of United States. In the similar way, London has “London Bridge” and anyone that sees it immediately realizes that it is United Kingdom that is being talked about. Today we are going to show you “how to make London Bridge model”.

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How To Make London Bridge Model


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There are a lot of people and small companies in United Kingdom that already make London Bridge model and sell it for good price to kids and college students. If you really need one for some class assignment or to impress your friends and family, you could go and simply get one by paying for it.

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However, for those of you who want thrill in life, who want to do everything by themselves, it is possible to make London Bridge model all by yourself without anyone else’s help. Now let’s start to make London Bridge model.

How to make London Bridge model

It is easier than you can think and you will need some basic household things to get the job done. You can use safety match or some kind of pins to do but we suggest that you use some kind of wood because wood works better than anything when it comes down to building model of something. This is because it is easy to connect it with other pieces of it and is also easily modified when needed unlike other material such as steel.

  1. Understand what you are going to do and focus on it. View different videos, animated explanations and pictures to get a good idea of what that tower really is and how you should proceed to make London Bridge model.
  2. If you are living somewhere near London Bridge, go visit it and see everything closely.
  3. Take a separate corner in your work shop or garage or house where you won’t end up damaging stuff and get to work.
  4. Now take wood and paint it so it looks like London Bridge (or at least close to it).
  5. Now see pictures even more closely and start to cut your stuff (wood etc) according to that size. (we can’t give you size explanation because we don’t know the size of model you want to make. So just keep it the way you think is best.)
  6. Once you have all pieces cut, call your brother/sister or some friends to help you and start to connect all parts together (without glue, with your hands) and see how model looks. Does it look close to what the real London Bridge looks like? If not, go back and do the edits that you need to do. If it does look close to reality, move onto step 6.
  7. Use wood stick (or anything that you have decided to use) and start to attach it with other parts using glue.
  8. While attaching parts, keep looking at photos again and again to make sure you put the right pieces at right place.
  9. Once done, leave it untouched so all glue can dry up and make things strong.
  10. After 1-2 hours, go and show it to your parents, friends or anyone else. Go show it off.

That is how simple it is to make London Bridge model and impress everyone around you. We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck for time when you make London Bridge model.

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For an even more detailed tutorial, check out below link and read post at eHow.

How To Make London Bridge Model (eHow)

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