London’s Hottest Fundraising Locations 2015/16

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Organizing a successful “charity fundraising event” takes not only a passion for the charity you are fundraising for, it also requires detailed research, extensive planning, and of course, a touch of pizazz. One of the first things you will want to decide on is a location that is best suited for your particular fundraiser.

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London’s Hottest Fundraising Locations 2015/16


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Choosing the proper area to hold your charity fundraising event can truly be a make or break decision when it comes to the attendance and overall success of your fundraising event. A beautifully planned fundraising event can easily flop when held in an out of the way or undesirable area.

People today are all about convenience, meaning that most will not want to travel too far off the beaten path for an event, especially one that is targeting their cheque books. You will want to provide an atmosphere that will encourage them to both attend, and of course donate to your charity fundraising event. But most importantly, you want it to be held in a desirable, accommodating, and heavily trafficked area if you wish to draw in an impressive crowd of attendees.

Luckily for Londoners, there are plenty of hot spots throughout the city for hosting a fabulous charity fundraising event. Take a look at the locations below to gain some inspiration for your next charity event.

King’s Cross

This is a fairly obvious choice in terms of being able to offer a wide selection of fantastic location possibilities that boast an abundance of venue options to choose from. Pretty much anywhere in King’s Cross is an ideal location choice for hosting a charity fundraising event, as not only is it an extremely high footfall area, it also has 10 brand new lovely public squares, is home to the Guardian Newspaper headquarters, and is set to be the location for the new Google UK headquarters in 2016. All this leaves you with limitless local attendance potential and it is also an excellent area to advertise your charity fundraising event in.

King’s Cross London

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Charity fundraising events usually tend to thrive in trendy areas, which makes Islington a brilliant option. Islington has long been considered by both tourists and locals alike to be London’s “trendy region”, and for good reason – this hip and trendy little hot spot sees literally thousands of tourist and local visitors every week who are looking for something fresh and fun to do. With the right advertising and planning, your charity fundraising event could very well be the event of choice for Islington’s many visitors.

Islington London

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The Canary Wharf Business District

Not only does the Canary Wharf Business District see heaps of foot traffic everyday, it is also home to One Canada Square, which boasts 50 floors of occupied offices. You can not only utilize this area for the location of the event, you can also use it as a local advertising platform to draw in both employees and residents from the local and surrounding areas.

The Canary Wharf Business District London

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Whichever place you choose to hold your charity event, the above locations should certainly be on your list of those to be considered!

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