London’s First Halal Food Festival Starts Today


The wait for the Haloodies is over and the London’s first Halal food festival starts from today. This weekend the London will enjoy the top Halal food dishes from celebrity chefs as we have discussed earlier.


At Halal food festival there will be live cooking demonstration, cooking classes, celebrity chefs as well as restaurants and street food exhibitors. To enjoy this festival people from the whole world are in London. There are more than 2.7 million Muslims in the United Kingdom with the spending power of more than 20 billion British pounds. The main purpose of this event is to promote Halal food in UK, not only as a food but but as a growing industry.

London's first Halal food festival starts today


Halal food is one of the most growing food industry in the world and Halal food does not only mean Halal meat because many type of vegetables are also included in Halal food. So, that by promoting Halal food, food market can attract millions of new customers.

The organiser of the event Imran Kausar said “Most of the restaurants includes vegetarian section in their menu, but where is the Halal food?” According to the organisers Halal food is not only for the Muslim but people from all other religions can also enjoy this top quality food which is cooked according to the Islamic standards.

Most of the UK economy reviewer are also in the support of the event and they think that Halal food industry could be very beneficial for the UK economy. Moreover Mayer of London, Boris Johnson is also in the support of the event.

But on the other hand some natives are also against the event for example 3000 people signed an online petition which was against the event. But majority of UK residence know the importance of the event that’s why its starts from today and will end on Saturday.

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